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‘Conspiracy front seeks no-fly zone in Syria to arm gangs’

Posted by seumasach on July 25, 2012


25th July, 2012

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Britain’s former Special Air Service (SAS) commandos are reportedly training armed groups fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The Daily Mail and Sunday Express have revealed that the mercenaries have set up training camps in Iraq and on the Syrian border for the armed rebels.

More than 300 rebel forces have reportedly completed the commando training program, and are said to account for a number of the opposition’s combatant units fighting Syrian security forces in Damascus.

Britain has also reportedly placed over 600 of its troops on standby position over the unrest in Syria.

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague says London should step up its support for armed groups in Syria.

Press TV has conducted an interview with political analyst Tahsin al-Halabi to further discuss the issue.

The video also offers the opinions of two additional guests, author and historian Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley from Washington and Ammar Waqqaf with the Syrian Social Club from London.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Halabi, we know Britain has placed hundreds of troops on standby, so UK and US forces [are] providing training for the militants there. At the same time countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia [are] providing weapons for these groups.

So if we accept all these reports as the, of course, evidence on the ground is also showing, can we say that an all-out war which has actually begun outside the conventions of the United Nations Security Council on Syria?

Halabi: Actually those countries have already declared a very comprehensive war against Syria, because they used all the boundaries of Syria and most of those boundaries are [a] little bit hostile or not neutral or [are] having certain hostility like, Turkey, like Jordan and Lebanon.

And Israel [the occupying regime of Palestine] of course, it is the archenemy of Syria and Syria is considered [as] the archenemy of Israel.

For this reason, it was easy for those countries to start smuggling weapons inside Syria, because two main factors, they took into consideration in order to make all this, not only unrest, [but also] all this terror inside Syria by the armed groups through smuggling those weapons.

The fist factor that they used or the first point that they depended on, was Turkey in order to bring weapons there and manpower also; not only al-Qaeda, also those refugees that they forced them, the Turkish and other, Britain and USA and other conspirators against Syria; they forced lots of, thousands of refugees from Syria to go to turkey in order to use them as manpower for such training and to bring more al-Qaeda and more other manpower from Libya and from Tunisia and from Kuwait as it was proved by arrest of some of them by the security forces in Syria.

This is one factor, the second factor is …

Press TV: Mr. Halabi, we had our guest in Washington [Webster Tarpley] referring to the CIA plans of taking over TV channels for a misinformation campaign and we earlier had the ministry of information in Syria talking about that and saying that there was such a plan and the Syrian government has been made aware of it.

Now, is this a prelude to, as some observers say, a coup d’tat in Syria? What are the plans now when we look ahead, a lot of people have been saying, looking at what has been happening in Syria, everything is just short of NATO bombing of the country, that has not yet happened.

So what do you think is going to happen from this stage on?

Halabi: I think now, we have not any danger from such fabrication of coup d’tat by the media or by certain video fabrication as your colleague [your guest] said.

Now as long as it was displayed and unveiled, so it is now out of being executed because the people knew very well here in Syria and authority also is prepared for all possibilities.

But what is the aim now, of those countries that are launching that kind of third [world] war against Syria alone here in the region is to gain or to prepare certain territory, whether it is near the boundaries of Turkey, it will be the best for those countries, USA and the Britain and London or even, another one near the boundaries of Iraq from the north, near certain population territories for the Kurds, they are the Syrian Kurds or even through certain territory from Jordan.

They need such few kilometers as a territory that they can bring some armed groups there and give them more sophisticated weapons and to make them the propaganda of liberated areas and it will be as they would declare protected by international law or by any no-fly zone on those specified territories if they would gain them.

I think this is now the main step that all those participants in the conspiracy against Syria would deal on; and certain indications were declared from Turkey, deployment of anti-missile batteries there, deployment of more artillery or more forces from Turkey, or around those boundaries.

And do not forget that Israelis also are playing on the ground of the Jordanian territories in order to prepare their role with Jordan, because nobody ignores that there is certain coordination between the two intelligence devices of Jordan and of Israel according to Arabs peace accords with late King Hussein.

So I think with all those comprehensive programs and activities, now it is the decisive moment that Syria would be the victorious as long as it will protect all those boundaries in the very fortified way. And in Lebanon everything would be Ok because Lebanon is still …

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