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The Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith agrees to present Russian research on wireless technology to UK Chief Medical Officer

Posted by seumasach on July 9, 2012

Press Release

Radiation Research

9th July, 2012

Research on the potential dangers surrounding the mobile phones/masts, wifi and wireless technology is to be presented to the UK Chief Medical Officer by Iain Duncan Smith, current Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and previously leader of the Conservative Party from September 2001 to October 2003. The Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith founded the Centre for Social Justice, an independent think tank not affiliated with the Conservative Party.

The Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith held an audience with the Forward Ladies group in Manchester on Thursday 5th July. He spoke about the introduction of the universal credit under the Government’s welfare reforms, which will mean that people returning to work from benefits will continue to receive some state support. This will help to give families, especially young people and long term unemployed, the necessary skills, ambitions and values by focusing on the importance of work and hopefully lead towards less dependence on the state health and welfare system.
Eileen O’Connor, Director for the UK Radiation Research Trust charity raised concerns about the future for our children due to the ever increasing threats surrounding the electromagnetic field issue in connection with mobile phones/masts, wifi and wireless technology.  O’Connor said, “Future generations could be under threat due to exposure to wireless radiation which has now been given a 2b “possibly human” carcinogenic classification by the World Health Organization. Eileen O’Connor developed cancer and discovered that she was living in a cancer cluster surrounding a phone mast in her village of Wishaw and has since campaigned for over ten years to educate citizens and government officials, both at home and abroad, about the dangers of RF (microwave) radiation.
In addressing Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith, Ms. O’Connor added that ignoring this issue could lead to false economy and increase the burden on society’s health and workforce due to illness and lack of productivity. Eileen is traveling to Russia in the near future and will be meeting with members of the Russian Radiation Committee.  She encouraged Mr Iain Duncan Smith to listen to independent scientists such as members from the Russian Committee.
Mr Iain Duncan Smith responded saying he is aware of the debate surrounding this issue and believed the case to be unproven to date, but understands that children are more vulnerable to microwave signals and will absorb more radiation than an adult, and added he is understandably very concerned for children’s health. He is also aware of a cancer cluster surrounding a phone mast in his own constituency and is therefore willing to present the Russian Research to the UK’s Chief Medical Officer.
Eileen O’Connor will provide Mr. Ian Duncan Smith with research and information upon her return from Russia and will encourage the UK Government to engage with Independent scientists.  The Russians have set the safety limits for RF (microwave) radiation at a small fraction of what is allowed in the United Kingdom.  The Russian Radiation Committee has studied the biological effects of RF (microwave) radiation for longer than any other country, so there is much knowledge that can be gained by Ms. O’Connor’s visit, and she is immensely appreciative of Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith’s interest and looks forward to working with him in the future.
Contact:  Eileen O’Connor

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