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Libya: alert- Tripoli set alight

Posted by seumasach on October 14, 2011

Libye: alerte info – Tripoli et sa banlieue s’embrasent

Allain Jules

14th October, 2011

Translated by Cailean Bochanan

Who says that the CNT controls Libya

In living memory the like has never been seen. After 8 months of intense bombardment of a country without declaring war, genocides (Tawerga, Zliten and Sirte), crimes against humanity, the people rise up.

Now that they have announced to the whole world that the mercenaries of NATO have taken control of the country, the big surprise, the great democrats want to stop demonstrations. As a result Tripoli is set alight

We hear of numerous guerilla attacks in Green Square, in Bab al Azizia as well as in the suburbs. Yesterday more than 200 renegades were killed by loyalists forces and the people of Tripoli. Many areas fly the green flag! In a few days Tripoli will revert to being green.

Sirte: 50 NATO mercenaries have been captured! 10 helicopters destroyed since the beginning of the siege of Sirte! And also , yesterday, an ambush at Sirte killed 150 renegades with no losses for the Gaddafi forces. In addition we are hearing of many withdrawals and losses by NATO terrorists. More than 20 lorries loaded with supplies( weapons, food and fuel) have been captured by loyalists. Today a civilian army of more than 500 volunteers has been formed and is leading a brilliant counter attack! One can say that Gaddafi is near to winning the battle for Sirte and Tripoli is becoming green again!

Join us this evening at midnight on the hour for analysis of the days events and news from the front!

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