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Let’s make 15th October a day against NATO war in Libya

Posted by seumasach on October 14, 2011

Do you remember? February 15th, 2003: millions of citizens in hundreds of squares allover the world protested against the US/Western war against Iraq.   
The war went on as it is difficult to stop Usa and its western allies. But Arab countries, for instance, even the closest US allies, did not take part, also because their citizens were in majority against. The Arab league stand was very much different than this time against Libya.
And another big difference between 2003 and 2011 is that this time very few citizens all over the world showed their dissent against a war for oil/strategic control, a war grounded on huge lies more than ever. UnNato war in Libya.
World citizens became warmongering? “Civil society” Global North organizations are no more concerned with wars fought on the heads of other people? Careful! Me must remember that, though street demonstrations alone dont change the reality (but taking the squares for weeks…yes, as Egypt and Tunisia showed), if nobody demonstrates against a war, it is taken by the governments as a consensus to the war itself. The silence against Libya war must be investigated and taken seriously.
And now, there is a huge opportunity for those who are against Libya war – as a paradygm of the wars made by Western privileged countries. October 15th. It is very important, after months of a shameful silence which made the Nato/Qatar/Ntc war more esaily to fight, that now we raise up!! Against Nato war in Libya, against all Nato wars (to prevent them) and against the military-industrial complex.
Unfortunately in many places (and in Italy too) the big organizers of October 15th DID NOT PUT this war on the table as since the beginning many of them just looked at the war, or worse…
BUT it is our duty to overcome them and put the biggest of the human and ecological shames on the table.
How to take the October 15th? How to make it against this Libya (and Afghanistan) Western war? How to do it INSPITE of the organizers? It is easy. In Rome (Italy) for instance, we the antiwar groups will gather together and will have huge and clear banners so that the media cannot ignore our presence.
If even small groups do the same everywhere, it will be useful. Though…too little, too late…
Marinella Correggia
eco-peace activist

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