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Syria condemns British ‘hypocrisy’

Posted by seumasach on August 11, 2011


11th August, 2011
Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Ja’afari has called on Britain to take care of its own political issues rather than interfering in Syria’s internal affairs.

“On one hand, you hear British Prime Minister David Cameron describes and calls the rioters in London, Birmingham, and Bristol as gangs, but our own gangs in Syria he calls them peaceful demonstrators and unarmed civilians,” he said in an exclusive interview with Press TV early Thursday.

He was referring to the latest unrest in different parts of England after a few hundred people gathered outside a police station in Tottenham on Saturday to protest against the fatal shooting of a black man, Mark Duggan, on Thursday.

“This is a hypocrite approach. This is not accurate and the Europeans should extinguish the fire on their own field rather than investigating fire elsewhere,” Ja’afari said.

On the unrests in Syria, he noted that peaceful demonstrators in his country were not harmed and they will never be harmed by state forces.

The Syrian envoy also praised Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, and Lebanon for focusing on the Syrian government’s success in tackling the demonstrations.

Syria has been the scene of political unrest since mid-March, with demonstrations being held both against and in support of President Bashar al-Assad.

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