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Apology from Mail on Sunday to Societe Generale

Posted by seumasach on August 11, 2011

The motive behind S&P’s US downgrade now becomes clear: it gave them a free hand to escalate hostilities against the Eurozone. As usual this is a full anglosphere mobilisation involving rating agencies, press and speculators. At the same time falls on Wall Street hasten the “flight to safety” into US government bonds, helping to sustain the dollar a little longer.

Societe General

The Mail on Sunday (Daily Mail) has published an apology further to allegations made on 7 August 2011 concerning the situation of the Group which Societe Generale categorically denied.

The following statement was issued on 9 August by the Mail on Sunday and is online on their website:

“In an article that appeared in the print edition and online version of the Mail on Sunday on 7 August 2011, it was suggested that according to Mail on Sunday sources, Société Générale, one of Europe’s largest banks, was in a ‘perilous’ state and possibly on the ‘brink of disaster’.

We now accept that this was not true and we unreservedly apologise to Société Générale for any embarrassment caused.”

The publication of this apology by the Mail on Sunday to Societe Generale puts an end to this unfortunate incident.

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