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‘Egyptians facing counter-revolution plot’

Posted by seumasach on May 14, 2011


14th May, 2011

Israel has criticized the Egyptian government’s mediation and the signing of a unity deal between the Palestinian factions of Hamas and Fatah.

Nada Hashwi, a political scientist in Beirut, discusses the next stage of the Egyptian revolution and informs Press TV that the Saudi Wahhabi sect, a US and Israeli ally, has begun counter revolutionary plots. Following is a transcript of that interview.

Press TV: Hosni Mubarak was known as Israel’s representative in the Arab world. How has the political landscape in Egypt changed since his ouster, especially when the issue of Israel is mentioned?

Hashwi: Definitely since the ouster of Mubarak from the ruling regime, relations between Cairo and Tel Aviv has chilled; that’s for sure. And this is making the Israelis very nervous about the situation.

What started as a revolution against the regime now has evolved to include Israel. When the [Camp David] treaty was signed back in 1979 it had nothing to do with the people, it was only between the governments. These regimes were backed by the US and Saudi Arabia, but now this power is gone and it’s up to the Egyptian people now.

Long before Anwar Sadat, Egypt was the leading country in the Middle East against the Zionists and was the number one country leading the revolution and the Saudis were very much against them at that earlier time. But when Sadat came he changed everything, but now that that period is over, we hope that Egypt comes back to its (genuine) leading role in the Arab region.

Press TV: An unnamed senior Israeli official told the Wall Street Journal that Cairo’s latest moves could “affect Israel’s national security on a strategic level.” How will the strategic situation with Israel be influenced?

Hashwi: Before I answer this question, I’d like to refer to something which is very important and it’s what’s in the making right now. There is a counter revolution happening right now and it’s led by neighboring regimes, to be specific the Al Wahhabi regime I will call it, and I’m talking about the Saudis and the Saudis are the number one ally to the US and the US devotes itself to Israel. These groups are connected to each other.

If relations between Cairo and Tel Aviv changes, and Cairo has made it very clear that it wants to reestablish relations with Iran, and if that happens, because Iran is the number one enemy to Israel, it means things will definitely change in the region.

Due to this case they want to stop the revolution where it is right now, make them busy between sectarian factors and try to put the revolution down so things will not change in the region. Definitely everything will change because foreign relations between Cairo and neighboring countries are going to change and this will likely involve Iran and that scares Tel Aviv.

Press TV: There is still a popular force in Egypt post Mubarak. Do you think Egypt is moving toward assuming a leading role in the Middle East according to the popular will of the people despite the interferences that we may be seeing?

Hashwi: I strongly believe that the Egyptian people will rebuild themselves to a better Egypt – the Egypt we used to know – through all the counter attacks that they are facing.

I’d like to make one remark concerning those who believe there is no benefit in cutting ties with Israel right now. Let’s not forget that Palestine is the core of the whole matter. In the Middle East, the number one problem is Palestine and what the Israelis are doing right now to the Palestinians: removing their identify cards, demolishing their houses etc. How can we have any kind of peace with a country that behaves like that regardless of what the [conditions for] peace are?

I believe they will cut ties with Israel sooner or later. They got rid of Mubarak and the Egyptian people are strong enough to get what they want.

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