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New PM addresses Tahrir crowds, pledges loyalty to the revolution

Posted by seumasach on March 4, 2011


4th March, 2011

Newly appointed Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has just left Tahrir Square after speaking to hundred of thousands who congregated to celebrate the resignation of Ahmed Shafik.

Sharaf told the cheering crowd that he was urged to go to the square by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces. He assured them he will do his best to meet the demands of the revolution and asked for a moment of silence, telling the crowd that their biggest revolutionary success is that they regained Egypt.

“I get my legitimacy from you,” Sharaf said. “I will do my best to meet the revolutionary demands and the day I fail I won’t be here.”

Sharaf said that his new appointment brings a big responsibility which needs hard work and determination. He added that it was important for him to reach out to the people.

He also told them that he dreams of the day when Egyptians will be free to voice their opinion.

“I was to see the opinion outside of the prison cells.”

Sharaf talked to the crowd from a raised stage and was backed by  Zakaria Abdel Aziz, the leader of the judicial independent movement.

During his speech, the crowd chanted the “people want the fall of the state security apparatus.”

The crowd’s chant changed to “take the oath” after his speech but Sharaf did not respond to the demand.

Before he left, Sharaf told the crowd, “Raise your head high, you are Egyptian.”

The protesters had planned a demonstration to demand Shafik step down and had dubbed the day the “Friday of determination.” When he resigned yesterday, it was renamed “Oath of Office Friday”  and protesters invited Sharf to join them and take the office publicly.

It is expected that Sharaf will meet with several members of the January 25 Youth Coalition after the speech.

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