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Investigation into Mubarak family fortune begins tomorrow

Posted by seumasach on February 14, 2011

We look forward to a similar investigation in Britain into where all the bank bailout money went


14th February, 2011

Egypt’s prosecution will begin an investigation tomorrow into the fortune of the Mubarak family, says the Freedom Committee at the Lawyers Syndicate.

The coordinator of the committee, Asaad Heykal said that the committee had handed over a complaint to the general prosecutor last Wednesday, who then transferred the case to the prosecution. The complaint was based on a report by the British newspaper the Guardian, which published a story saying that Mubarak’s fortune was between $40 to $70 billion.

The Guardian’s report was rehashed in several television programmes and newspapers without any denial from official sources, which is the reason why the committee demanded an investigation into the matter.

The committee says that Article 80 of the constitution says that the law should stipulate the salary of the president, which cannot be amended in the term in which the salary was specified, and that Egypt’s president cannot accept any salaries or bonuses other than their official salary.

They also added that Article 81 of the constitution stipulates that the president cannot do any other work, participate in any business deals, or buy and rent property.

The committee said that they will hold a press conference tomorrow to discuss the investigation.



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