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‘Mubarak ouster will of all Egyptians’

Posted by seumasach on February 9, 2011

Press TV interviews Co-Founder of the April 6th movement, Ahmed Salah regarding the Egyptian revolution and how the opposition groups are being supported.

Press TV: April 6th Co-founder, Ahmad Salah is joining us to shed more light on what is going on. Many thanks for joining us Ahmad Salah. First of all we are looking at day 16 of this revolution, and two of the main headlines which seem to be very heavy in terms of its significance. One which came from the Vice President and he said there would be no ending of their regime, and two that the government is not going to tolerate these protests. What do you have to say to that?

Salah: What we have to say is very simple. The government didn’t want us to rise to the streets on the 25th anyway but we came out on the 25th, the 26th, the 27th, the 28th and 29th and so on. When they gave up using direct military intervention by militarized police forces, they hired thugs and assassins that actually killed and injured several people; scores of activists and protesters. And still the people are out there. So the people are not seeking any permission from this regime. The people do not want this regime.

Press TV: I’d like to talk about some of the key demands made by the April 6th movement. One of them is to draft a new constitution to guarantee the country’s political and trade union freedoms, and to set a maximum of two terms for any president to stay in power. How are your demands being requested with this being one of them?

Salah: I would like first to correct one piece of information. These are not the demands of the 6th of April. These are the demands of the protesters in the street. So we are not talking here about the demands of a particular group. These are the national demands of the Egyptian people. The Egyptian people want this regime to be ousted.

They want a national unity government, which will be a transitional government for a limited period of time with limited powers. A national assembly will be formed to create a new constitution that would put Egypt in its rightful place. We are hoping that it will be a parliamentary Republic. Of course we will therefore have free and fair elections which will be the real representation of the people.

Press TV: Well, when you mention these are not your demands, and you’re saying these are the demands of the Egyptians, that at this point the opposition no matter who they are should not be based in one category but it is rather a combined effort. So there shouldn’t be a separation between the opposition at this point.

Salah: Yes, there should not be but these things happen. The most important thing is the will of the people is undivided, and the will of the people seem to be very firm on the demands that they have announced since day one. As you can see people are still in Tahrir in large numbers and people are still protesting in large areas. I just heard news that the governor in the most West of the Delta is in civil disobedience at the moment.

By the way two other people were killed yesterday during a large protest. So the whole country is in revolt. We are not going to stop until our demands are met. Right now we are waiting on democratic representation of the people out there in the streets. Hopefully when this starts to work out it will be announced, and we can create democracy even under such circumstances.

Press TV: I want to ask you about what we are giving reports on. That is the three that were killed along with the 100 wounded in Southern Egypt in terms of the city al-Kharijah in the South of Egypt. Is this is in reference to what you just talked about?

Salah: This is a different incident. Al-Kharijah is an oasis in the desert. It witnessed a very brutal intervention by the security forces using live ammunition against the civilians, which have caused very serious injuries to a large number of people such as the loss of eyes and other disabilities and the unfortunate martyrdom of three of the protestors over there, but also there were other protests in a city in Upper Egypt. This city has always been known to be a very peaceful city. It was a large protest and the security forces killed two martyrs as well.

Press TV: How many other instances are there of such severity that is not getting funneled through the news, Even though the government has said they have eased restrictions on the media?

Salah: This is a problem. If there is any media coverage, it’s basically all in Cairo. So you don’t really hear about the rest of the country. But what is happening in Cairo is happening all over the country. It’s happen in the Sinai, in the Oasis, in the Delta and Upper Egypt. It’s happening everywhere in this country. Everyone is in revolt against this government, this regime and this President. We believe this is a very corrupt government that will stop at nothing to maintain its control over the people. The people are standing there and making a very unbelievable and unimaginable stand of sacrifice. And also the international community cannot be hypocritical to the limit of allowing this regime to make more and more massacres, and then they would accept this regime in the end as if nothing had happened. So this regime is now between a rock and a hard place as they say in English. They are between the millions of people in the street, for yesterday there was something like ten million people all over the country in the streets demanding the fall of this regime and also the international community that has to have a certain balance of these regimes and letting these regimes create massacres of their people.

Press TV: As the Co-founder of April 6th as your title suggest, what goes through Ahmed Salah’s mind when he ends his day as to how you plan your next day?

Salah: The idea is clear in our minds. First of all we do not plan for the people. We only try to help the people. Second by helping the people we only try to promote true democratic representations of the people in Cairo and all over the country. So the people can voice their demands in the streets to try and avoid any political power that would try and hijack the revolution such as the 6th of April or any other movement. We are only being there to help whether we are arrested or killed or whatever. This means nothing to the revolution the revolution is still out there in the streets.

Press TV: Thank you very much Amed Salah, April 6th Co-Founder from Cairo.

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