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Barrie Trower warns Swindon of wi-fi danger

Posted by seumasach on October 28, 2010

Swindon Advertiser

7th October, 2010

Wi-fi expert Barrie Trower will be hosting a meeting in Swindon on Friday to discuss the issue of wi-fi, and what he perceives are the dangers of the technology.

The meeting will be held at the Pilgrim Centre in Regent Circus on October 8. Doors open at 7pm and the talk starts at 7.30pm. There will be a question and answer session afterwards at this free event.

Ahead of the meeting, Barrie chatted to Swindon Advertiser columnist, Liz Brackenbury, about his take on the introduction of wi-fi in Swindon.

Liz: Hi Barrie, thank you for inviting me down to interview you. As you know I write a column for the Swindon Advertiser. I write about topics that concern me as a parent and on subjects which I feel passionate about, especially local issues. One of the subjects I wrote about in the paper was my concerns over the implementation of 1,400 mini masts in Swindon that will create an electro mesh over the town and the effects it might have on Swindon residents’ health. Firstly can you give me a bit of your background, as to what you’ve done?

Barrie: Yes of course. I trained in the1960s with all aspects of microwave technology and microwave warfare. I teach advanced physics as a profession, which again involves microwave knowledge. I am also the author of two TETRA (Terrestrial Trunk Radio) reports for the police federation and I am now invited all over the world to talk on this subject

Liz: Can you tell me what exactly is wi-fi? A lot of people don’t really understand what it is.

Barrie: Wi-fi is a computer system that works off microwaves. It transmits and receives microwaves, the information is carried in the microwaves

Liz: Why should we be concerned about that?

Barrie: Microwaves react with water. That includes water in the body. That’s how microwave ovens work, they react with water. They are not like radio waves. We are now using microwaves for a communication system, these microwaves will react with our water-based bodies

Liz: Surely microwaves have been around since the start of time? They are a natural occurrence. So what’s the problem?

Barrie: Yes that’s true we have evolved with microwaves, but we haven’t evolved with what is coming out of all the mobile phones and wi-fi transmitters. These are unnatural levels. Also the difference is that the planet’s natural microwave background is static. This is not a static field, it’s an osolating field. What microwave communication is using are pulsed microwaves. It’s not the microwave so much that’s the danger, but the fact that it is pulsed. These pulses interfere with our body’s natural rhythms, our brains, our hearts – everything.

Liz: You said your background is in microwave warfare, but what s that got to do with wi-fi?

Barrie: Microwaves have been used in warfare since the 1960’s. They are the perfect stealth weapon. You can’t see them, you can’t feel them, you can’t smell them, you can’t touch them. All you have to do is beam your victim with levels of pulsed microwaves to cause illness, either mental and physical, or both, depending on the frequency used. My job was to measure the level of microwave frequency used and see what illnesses were caused by it.

Liz: Surely you don’t mean that modern wi-fi technology is using the same levels of frequency as were used in warfare to make people ill?

Barrie: Yes, that’s absolutely what I’m saying. It’s exactly the same microwave frequency used in wi-fi technology that was used in warfare.

Me: Wi-fi seems to be everywhere, in cafes, on trains, in hotels, even in the motorway service station on the way down here. It has been promoted as a good thing. Everywhere seems to be offering free wi-fi? How can this be allowed if this technology has history that links it to human illnesses?

Barrie: Governments have known of the effect on the human body from microwaves since the 1970s. It’s been cited and published in thousands of research papers. The public is being sold a lie. The telecommunications industry is bigger than any government. It can pay another scientist to contradict an independent scientist’s findings, and publish research in their favour. This creates a state of confusion and contradiction. Most people don’t have the time to sift through all this information. Therefore misinformation is circulated. Wi-fi is promoted as a new technology, innovative and ground-breaking when nothing can be further from the truth. The ill-effects of this technology have been known for years.

Liz: What would you say to people who d say this was all scaremongering?

Barrie: I would say scaremongering is when you say something for effect without having the evidence to back it up. I have all the published, cited and documented proof to substantiate what I say. The evidence is here; I can prove and support what I say.

Liz: What would you say to the people of Swindon?

Barrie: What I’d like to say to Swindon is get me in front of your councillors and local MP s. Get me down to Swindon and invite the public and the press and media to be there to be there so they can hear what I’ve got to say. . Invite people from the oncology department, cancer specialists, headteachers, governors, principals, members of the public. Get me down to Swindon and I will prove why th


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