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Stratford Ontario: the invisible danger to a beautiful small city

Posted by seumasach on May 28, 2010

Stratford, Ontario
N5A 8C1

26 May 2010

Stratford City Council

Dear Members of Council:

I have provided each of you and the Clerk with a compact disc containing several documents that illustrate the dangers and adverse health effects of electro magnetic radiation (EMR). By reading the information, you should begin to understand the great dangers caused by exposure to EMR and, in particular, radiation in the microwave frequencies. Please feel free to copy these discs and provide them to your friends, relatives, and constituents, because the information may help to save them from serious harm.

In 1962 the US Defence department learned that Soviet authorities were beaming microwaves from across the street directly into the US embassy in Moscow. Measurements taken at the time found that the intensity reaching the Embassy was approximately 500 times less than the US standard for occupational exposure. The death of the U.S. Ambassador, two other employees and illnesses of other staff, caused Operation Pandora to be launched and scientific research to be conducted. Analysis of the original data by Prof. Goldsmith concluded about the Moscow study that, evidence was suggestive for four health effects, (a) chromosomal changes, (b) hematological changes, (c) reproductive effects, and (d) increased cancer incidence from the microwave irradiation.

In 1972, Lt. Zorach Glaser, Ph.D., of the U.S. Navy Medical Research Institute, collected over two thousand references to the biological responses to radio frequency and microwave radiation, paying particular attention to the effects on man of non ionizing radiation at these frequencies.

In 1973, researchers from Queen’s University, Kingston, provided the Government of Canada with a document entitled Environmental Pollution by Microwave Radiation – A Potential Threat to Human Health. It states:

“In view of the expected proliferation of microwave devices in many different applications, a substantial increase in microwave background activity is feared that may endanger human health. On this basis strict control of the use of these devices must be introduced while present safety standards are revised and extensive research is conducted into long term effects of exposure to low intensity microwave radiation. In particular, a study of possible accumulative effects of microwave radiation directly or indirectly through sensitization must be conducted”.

I have searched records from that time onwards and have been unable to find any scientific research from Canada or anywhere in the world that states that microwave radiation is not dangerous and does not cause biological effects. Also since that time, microwave-emitting devices have proliferated in our homes, our businesses, and our environment at the same time that many new and serious “modern” illnesses have appeared. Other serious illnesses have become much more widespread, as microwave-emitting technology has become widely used.

A modern update of scientific evidence, entitled The Bio Initiative Report, was published in 2007. It clearly demonstrates that electro magnetic radiation causes serious adverse health effects. The report refers to over 2000 peer reviewed scientific papers and it can be accessed at .

In 2002, the Frieburger appeal was launched in Germany. As of 2009, approximately 1,000 physicians and 35,000 persons, most of whom are from the health care system, had signed the document. They were greatly concerned about a dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases, which they related to pulsed high frequency microwave radiation as emitted by cell phones, cordless DECT telephones, antenna masts (and Wi Fi). The following symptoms have been associated with microwave radiation:

  • Learning, concentration and behavioral disorders (ADD etc.).
  • Extreme fluctuations in blood pressure.
  • Heart rhythm disorders.
  • Heart attacks and strokes among an increasingly younger population.
  • Brain-degenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer’s) and epilepsy.
  • Cancerous afflictions: leukemia, brain tumors.

There is also an ever-increasing occurrence of various disorders, often misdiagnosed in patients as psychosomatic:

  • Headaches, migraines.
  • Chronic exhaustion.
  • Inner agitation.
  • Sleeplessness, daytime sleepiness.
  • Tinnitus.
  • Susceptibility to infection.
  • Nervous and connective tissue pains, for which the usual causes do not explain even the most conspicuous symptoms.

Symptoms similar to these, and many others, have been reported around the world by people who have been exposed to supposedly safe levels of microwave radiation. You may be aware that our Federal Government regulates use of microwave frequencies and sets safety standards. You may also expect those standards to be safe, but that is simply not the case. Canadian microwave exposure standards are among the worst in the world. They are based purely on heating affects at very high exposure levels. Canadian standards completely ignore the serious biological effects that have been demonstrated by scientists and reported by victims of exposure from many different countries. Very serious health effects have been found to occur at exposure levels that are just a small fraction of the safety levels currently used by the Federal Government.

This is the type of radiation that city owned Festival Hydro and city owned Rhyzome Networks have started to install throughout Statford in the form of Smart Meters and city wide Wi Fi. They are doing this with only very recent notice through newspaper stories and with no public debate. They are also ignoring all the scientific research and evidence about the adverse health effects caused by electro magnetic radiation.

The massive spread of wireless technology using microwave radiation during the last few years may be the biggest threat that Stratford and its citizens have ever faced. The eventual cost in illness and early deaths may not become fully apparent for several more years, yet there are considerable warning signs. The evidence from independent scientists indicates the strong possibility of a severe health system crisis in a few years time. The possibility of a significant increase in cancer cases and other serious illnesses may overwhelm the health care system.

An even more sinister consequence of microwave exposure may be the reduction of male and female fertility. Studies have already shown serious concerns for reproduction. If this occurs and we no longer have enough births to keep the population stable, Stratford will go into serious decline, which may harm the city forever. Recent news reports have already reported a steep decline in births during the last few years.

The effects of exposure to electro magnetic radiation have often been compared to those of cigarettes and smoking. Just as cigarette companies and governments stated that smoking was safe, the wireless industry and our governments are saying the same for wireless exposure. We are now aware of the terrible toll taken by tobacco, which caused terrible diseases and huge health costs, but the costs of wireless use are likely to be much worse. Babies exposed to DECT baby monitors, DECT cordless phones and Wi Fi, may be absorbing electrical pollution to the equivalent of smoking fifty cigarettes a day. Children today are suffering allergies, autism, A.D.D, brain cancer and other modern illnesses, at far higher rates than just a few years ago. Exposure from a citywide Wi Fi system and from Smart Meters would ensure that there is no safe place or safe time for anyone to avoid microwave radiation in Stratford.

Scientific research has found strong similarities between low level exposure of microwave radiation and harm to health caused by pesticides. It is ironic that Stratford has banned pesticides in our lawns and parks, yet we are filling our entire living environment with an electro magnetic pollutant that is potentially much more harmful. Our bodies and our brains work by sending very tiny electrical impulses. To allow strong external microwave radiation to upset that balance and cause biological effects is very misguided, and should be avoided.

Stratford citizens are already in great danger from microwave devices in their homes, businesses, recreation facilities and the outdoor environment. Most people are unaware about the long-term dangers caused by exposure to microwave radiation because those who should be sounding the warning have hidden this danger. There is an urgent need for the City of Stratford to be proactive and provide leadership and public education on this most serious subject.

The installation of Smart Meters and citywide Wi Fi poses a significant new risk to Stratford. Smart Meters do not use safe technology; they operate by sending information by microwave radiation at regular intervals. The additional radiation will constantly be turning on and off, constantly sending spikes of dangerous radiation through our electrical systems throughout our homes and our community. They are likely to cause serious sleeping difficulties, neurological problems, and several of the unpleasant symptoms listed above. The long-term harm from this technology is likely to cause damage to our immune systems, many serious illnesses and early death.

The City of Stratford wants to be a leader in advanced technology systems city, yet has not considered the drastic cost to our health. This is careless and irresponsible! Modern technology is important and should be used, but it must be used only when it is proven to be safe. It cannot be said that Smart Meters and Wi Fi systems are safe. There is a huge amount of information that already shows that microwave radiation and this technology is dangerous, while there is nothing to prove that it is safe!

To radiate and endanger the entire population of Stratford for the distinction of being technologically advanced is close to insanity. I request to know what amount of insurance Stratford holds to cover future harm that may be caused by radiation from city owned or authorized Wi Fi systems and Smart Meters. This is a very important consideration because most insurers will not insure against this danger, as it is too risky.

The decision by Festival Hydro to install Smart Meters and a citywide Fi system without fully investigating the health consequences is negligent. I have had written communications with Mayor Dan Mathieson, Paul West and Bill Zehr of Festival Hydro and have provided them with documented information about the dangers of microwave radiation that will be emitted by the new systems. There has been no move to stop the installation process or to fully investigate the potential adverse health effects caused by Smart Meters or Wi Fi.

Mr. Bill Zehr, President of Festival Hydro, took three weeks to answer my letter, and even then failed to answer questions concerning health effects and costs of the Smart Meter system. He appears to have failed to adhere to the Festival Hydro Mission Statement as set out on their internet site (safe power and being direct, trustworthy and truthful). What is he hiding from me, and from the citizens of Stratford?

Because of the significant health and safety threat to Stratford residents, I request that Stratford Council take the following important steps to ensure safety of Stratford residents.

  • Educate yourselves and your constituents about the dangers of microwave radiation.
  • Order Festival Hydro to stop installing Smart Meters and a citywide Wi Fi system, until a public investigation of the dangers is concluded.
  • If Smart Meters must be installed because of provincial legislation, find a safe alternative that does not emit microwave and radio frequency radiation.
  • Order the City Health Department to thoroughly investigate the health effects of electro magnetic radiation and recommend ways that Council can ensure better safety for its residents.
  • Develop bylaws that will ban Wi Fi and other forms of dangerous microwave radiation from city streets, workplaces, and anywhere that the public has access.

I am a retired police investigator and a victim of electro magnetic radiation. I have spent more than six years learning about the dangers of electro magnetic radiation. I am in touch with scientists, researchers, health care professionals and many victims from around the world. I am a Co-Director of WEEP, the Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution . I am the editor of WEEP News, a nightly newsletter that documents news, research and issues involving the dangers of electrical and electromagnetic radiation around the world. Each night it is sent to recipients in many different countries and is often redistributed within those countries. I will gladly provide further information about the health effects of EMR and assist the City of Stratford to ensure better safety.

Electro magnetic radiation within the City of Stratford is probably the most important issue with which you, as Council Members, will be involved. It affects the health and safety of every single resident, as well as animals, birds, insects, and the future of the City. I ask that Stratford City Council discuss the problem in depth and come to a resolution that will make the city safer. I request to address Council on this matter as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Weatherall

cc Stratford Beacon Herald
Stratford Gazette
Stratford Citizen

Links to Stratford City Hall:

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Note – Stratford is a beautiful small city, with lovely people, great restaurants and world renown theatre – The Stratford Festival

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