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The GMC are taking patients’ notes without their knowledge or consent

Posted by seumasach on April 20, 2010

Sarah Myhill

I have been constantly investigated by the GMC since 2001. During this time the GMC have been taking the private and confidential NHS medical records of my patients without their knowledge or consent. This has been done without informing patients, nor asking permission, without anonymising the notes, nor informing the patient of their legal right to object to this action. The GMC state they do this in the Public Interest, but have consistently refused to state what that Public Interest is.

I have raised these concerns on numerous occasions with the GMC both in letters, at a meeting with Ms Jacky Smith on 12th August 2009, Head of Investigations of the GMC and as a formal complaint to the Solicitors Regulations Authority about GMC Solicitors and Solicitors acting for the GMC.

No action has been taken on this issue by the GMC. I know that they are continuing to take confidential patient NHS medical records without knowledge or consent because one such set of notes has just been delivered to my office. The GMC took these patient NHS confidential notes in August 2009. I was not informed.

My patients have been extremely distressed by these actions and rightly so. This has been a source of great distress to many patients. It has also been a great source of distress to me that just by dint of being a private patient of mine, that patient’s NHS records are then at risk of being taken in the course of GMC’s investigations of me.

My office has been inundated with telephone calls and emails which include many from distressed patients who do not know if their confidential NHS medical records have been taken by the GMC without their knowledge. I am unable to reassure them they have not because I am not informed when the GMC take my patients NHS records. The only way you can find out if this has been done is to contact the GMC. See DPA letter for contact details.

For further info as to rights under the Data Protection Act – see GMC – Data Protection
A typical DPA request letter you can source here DPA letter

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