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Amnesty urges Obama to lift US embargo on Cuba

Posted by smeddum on September 2, 2009

Amnesty urges Obama to lift US embargo on Cuba

London, Sept 2

Press trust of India

(AFP) Amnesty International urged today US President Barack Obama to drop the “immoral” US embargo against Cuba, warning that millions were being denied proper health care and medicine.

The London-based rights organisation issued the appeal days before an annual deadline for the US president to renew its decades-long embargo against Cuba under the Trading with the Enemy Act.

“This is the perfect opportunity for President Obama to distance himself from the failed policies of the past and to send a strong message to the US Congress on the need to end the embargo,” said Amnesty’s secretary general Irene Khan.

The group, which publishes a report Wednesday on the economic impact of the embargo, said Cuba was unable to import medicines, medical equipment and related technologies from the United States or any US company based abroad.

“The US embargo against Cuba is immoral and should be lifted.

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