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Life Goes Wireless

Posted by seumasach on February 23, 2009




by Milt Bowling

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are the essence of life—enabling and activating our genes to make us different from other animals. We are, after all, almost identical to chimpanzees when it comes to 98.8 percent of our genes. The reason we are very different from chimpanzees is, in large part,  because of the evolutionarily programmed influence of EMFs.  


These sensitive biochemical EMFs are precisely choreographed and, if occurring at the wrong time, have potential to give us gills, scales or flippers. (This may help to explain some of your inlaws.) EMFs can be helpful and healing or they can be dangerous or deadly. 


Throughout the entire electromagnetic spectrum, there are precise windows of healing or harm that depend on different mechanisms. Some frequencies promote bone healing, for example. Doctors use electromagnetic radiation(EMR) for diagnoses with MRIs, CT scans and X-rays. Ultrasound, as well, is low frequency EMR. 


Our brains and hearts operate on the electrical energy component of EMFs, as do our nervous systems and every other function of the body. An electroencephalogram will detect brain abnormalities and an electrocardiogram will do the same for the heart. 


Science has discovered how to focus electromagnetic radiation to shrink tumours. It is also used for deep brain stimulation in treating Parkinson’s dis- ease. Laser therapies use ultra high frequency EMR for eye surgery, to remove warts and fix damaged blood vessels. Visible light parts of the electromagneticspectrum are used to kill bacteria, as is the case when ultraviolet light treatment makes drinking water safe. 


Entire clinical disciplines such as homeopathy are based on defining and applying the electromagnetic energy signatures of remedies. And, there is a strong scientific database indicating that pharmaceuticals’ actions are based on biochemical-induced electromagnetic energy signatures that alter cell level interactions. 


In the natural world, electromagnetic fields have a precision where they occur either with a spatial or temporal rhythm, but never both at once. For example, the earth’s gravity vibrates in a spatial rhythm while visible light vibrates in a temporal rhythm. Through evolution we, and all organisms, have adapted so that we effectively compensate for spatially and temporally coherent field exposures. That is, unless they are pushed by so much power that other effects occur. 


Knowledge is power and with this knowledge, it is possible to manage ad-verse electromagnetic radiation effects. We can take appropriate precautions due to our knowledge that overuse of a naturally occurring EMF, or inappropriate use of an unnatural field, can cause harm. 


Modern technologies using EMFs are evolving so fast that there is a dangerous lag between the rushed application of the discovery and the realization that it may be harmful. This is the case with wireless technologies.  


Wireless transmissions of voice, data and text information is sent through the air as an Information Carrying Radio Wave (ICRW). Such a wave has both spatial and temporal coherence occurring at the same time. Our body’s cells and, in fact, the cells of all living things, have no evolutionary adaptation with this abnormal configuration. As a result, our cells react by protecting themselves using the sympathetic nervous system. Ironically, this well-intended protective response sets off a biological cascade of events that eventually result in illness. As man-made electromagnetic fields have only been around for just over a century, no living things have evolved appropriate protections. Natural adaptation takes hundreds of years or more. In the meantime, this ongoing assault causes our health and the health of the planet’s flora and fauna to decline inexorably.   


We are vulnerable—more than ever before in our evolution—directly through health effects and indirectly through disruption of our natural ecology. The wireless industry claims that they are only providing what their customers are demanding. However, Henry Ford said that if his customers had been asked what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. Runaway consumption fuels the need for newer, fancier, shinier gadgets. 


Short-term corporate profits trump health concerns. Greed leads to denial of  possible problems. Undue political influence leads to preferential treatments as opposed to precautionary principles. 


We have cell phones, cordless phones, satellite phones, satellite radio, Wi-Fi, Wi- Max, GPS, PDAs, Doppler Radar, digital TV, wireless laptops and  other “conveniences.” As a result, we are the largest biological experiment of all time, and early results show that our wireless conveniences are working to change our genetic signatures. So prolific is this technological explosion that there is no place on the earth to hide. Every living thing has been involuntarily conscripted. 


The shame of it all is that this is fixable with currently available knowledge. 


How will this worldwide experiment end? Caveat emptor…keep in mind that 


 Mother Nature always bats last. 


Milt Bowling is president of the Clean Energy Foundation (, which works with the public, industry and 

government for better regulations and  safer technology. 




New Help Programs for  EMR-related Conditions


In December 2008, the Science and Public Policy Institute—EMR Interven- tion Program announced two important programs to help those suffering from the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), including electro-hypersensitivity, autism, ADD, ADHD, multiple chemical sensitivities and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

A primary treatment clinic is now operating in Sarasota, Florida, and em- ploys unique, science-based diagnostic and treatment protocols for these conditions. There’s an affiliate clinic in Munich, Germany, with other affiliates coming soon. 


The clinical program responds to concerns raised by those afflicted re- garding their difficulty receiving proper care from clinicians who are not able to differentiate EMR-related conditions from other diagnoses and thus provide ineffective treatment. 


The Guided Self-Help Program is intended for those suffering from these conditions not able to travel to a treatment clinic. The goal is to provide, long-distance, as many of the benefits of the treatment clinicas possible,  including support for diagnosis and treatment. 


These programs are based on pilot work completed earlier last year in Germany, the UK and the US. As they move ahead, improvements and changes are expected, so these programs are works in progress. 


This EMR Intervention Program is described in more detail at http://www. In Canada, contact Milt Bowling at or 


(604) 436-2152. 


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  1. M. Michaels said

    Corporate greed takes precedence over human and environmental health. Since at least 3 billion persons are using wireless technology, more consideration must be given to protecting ourselves from its harmfulness – which most persons and industry continue to deny – and to treating electro-hypersensitive individuals. Children are particularly vulnerable. Refer to: ARTAC is an association in Paris engaged in researching the links between disease and environmental degradation, including electromagnetic pollution. Its President, an expert in environmental medicine, is treating persons who are electro-hypersensitive. ARTAC is organizing a symposium at UNESCO in Paris 12-13 April 2011 on “Children’s health and the environment”, followed by an intensive course in environmental medicine, 14-15 April.

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