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On the brink of doom, mad Mandelson promises to take on the ‘doomsters’

Posted by seumasach on February 21, 2009


No doubt the low carbon “industrial revolution” offers ‘huge economic opportunities” to friends of New Labour. Apart from that, it’s simply madness to describe this as a solution to Britain’s devastated economy. Coming from Mandelson this can also be taken as a veiled threat to “”doomsters” who talked down the British economy”.
BUSINESS Secretary Lord Mandelson pledged to take on the “doomsters” who talked down the British economy, as part of the Government’s fight back against the recession.
In a speech to business leaders in north-west England, the 
minister maintained that the UK was on the verge of a low carbon “industrial revolution” which promised huge economic opportunities.

Lord Mandelson conceded that the UK faced a “tough year” which required resilience as well as patience from business and governmen


“There is no overnight cure, not least because the crisis in credit and demand that we are facing is a global one,” he said in the speech at Sellafield, where thousands of workers are employed in the nuclear 

The Government will hold a summit next month to set out a national vision for the transition to low carbon, which Lord Mandelson said offered billions of pounds of cost savings to businesses and the public sector. 

“We need to take big decisions about the UK’s energy and transport infrastructure so that they are ready for the shift to renewables, nuclear and new forms of transport. 

“Other countries have approached the low carbon issue as a fiscal stimulus question – a green job creation scheme, and it is true that a shift to low carbon will be invaluable in creating tens of thousands of jobs now, especially in construction and manufacturing,” he told the gathering.

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