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This is going to be the worst winter for the U.S. economy in modern times

Posted by seumasach on December 8, 2020

Thanks to the machinations of the US ruling class what was a terminal financial crisis has become an existential crisis for the American people and a civilizational collapse

Michael Snyder

The Most Important News

6th December, 2020

We already knew that this was going to be the worst winter for the U.S. economy since the Great Depression of the 1930s, but now a new round of lockdowns threatens to rip the guts out of hundreds of thousands of small businesses all around the country.  As I write this article, 33 million peopleare under “stay-at-home orders” in California alone.  With each passing day, state governments are implementing even more new restrictions, and those new restrictions are going to increasingly choke the life out of economic activity in this nation.

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Global trade just snapped

Posted by seumasach on November 22, 2015

Zero Hedge

21st November, 2015

Container Freight Rates Plummet 70% In 3 Weeks

This market is looking like a disaster and the rates are a reflection of that,” warns one of the world’s largest shipbrokers, but while The Baltic Dry Freight Index gets all the headlines – having collapsed to all-time record lows this week – it is the spefics below that headline that are truly terrifying. At a time of typical seasonal strength for freight and thus global trade around the world, Reuters reports that spot rates for transporting containers from Asia to Northern Europe have crashed a stunning 70% in the last 3 weeks alone.

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China can ride out this crisis. But we’re on course for another crash

Posted by seumasach on August 27, 2015

Seumas Milne


It may not yet be the moment to get in supplies of tinned food. That was whatGordon Brown’s former adviser during the 2008 crash, Damian McBride, suggested on Monday as stock markets crashed from Shanghai to New York and $1tn was wiped off the value of shares in one day. But seven years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers brought down the global financial system and plunged half the world into a slump, it’s scarcely alarmist to see the financial panic as the harbinger of a new crisis in a still crippled world economy.

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The dwindling US economy

Posted by seumasach on May 2, 2015

Paul Craig Roberts

Institute For Political Economy

29th April, 2015

The announcement today (April 29) of a barely positive GDP first quarter 2015 growth rate of 0.2 percent (two-tenths of one percent) is an intentional exaggeration.

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The very ugly truth about RBS

Posted by seumasach on June 23, 2013

James Ferguson

Money Week

19th June, 2013

I wanted to talk to you today about a topic that is on everyone’s lips at the moment: the re-privatisation of RBS. Because I think there is a disturbing story here that is not being widely reported in the mainstream press. And it goes right to the heart of the economic problems that Britain will face over the next few years. It certainly affects your investments.

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Retail Apocalypse: Why are major retail chains all over America collapsing?

Posted by seumasach on February 18, 2013

The Economic Collapse

17th February, 2013

If the economy is improving, then why are many of the largest retail chains in America closing hundreds of stores?

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The lull before the social storm

Posted by seumasach on November 8, 2012

Jack D.Douglas

7th November, 2012

Vast social revolutions and wars are often preceded by periods of giving up on reforms, despairing withdrawal from public life by the best and brightest, and even peacefulness which seems to have become the normal condition in spite of deep conflicts and growing crises beneath the surfaces of public life. Often, earlier periods of intense conflicts and crises have been overcome and resolved, so it comes to look like that is the normal in life. This lulls most people into assuming their worse fears cannot happen, but this leads them to lowering their guards against growing conflicts and crises, so small ones can more easily cascade down into massive ones. If people expected they could become vast wars or revolutions or implosions, they would take more precautions to prevent that. But when lulled in expecting the worst cannot happen, the worst than they could ever imagine often explodes suddenly.

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US economy collapsing

Posted by seumasach on October 28, 2012

Recession Very Possible in Q1 of 2013: Investors And CEOs Are Getting Very Nervous With Cloud Of Uncertainty, The Announcements of Layoffs Are Coming Fast and Furious, And We All Start Feeling The Economy Is Decelerating!

Investment Watch

27th October, 2012

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Feeding the homeless banned in major cities All over America

Posted by seumasach on March 22, 2012

Poor Richard’s Blog

21st March, 2012

What would you do if you came across someone on the street that had not had anything to eat for several days?  Would you give that person some food?  Well, the next time you get that impulse you might want to check if it is still legal to feed the homeless where you live.  Sadly, feeding the homeless has been banned in major cities all over America.  Other cities that have not banned it outright have put so many requirements on those that want to feed the homeless (acquiring expensive permits, taking food preparation courses, etc.) that feeding the homeless has become “out of reach” for most average people.  Some cities are doing these things because they are concerned about the “health risks” of the food being distributed by ordinary “do-gooders”.  Other cities are passing these laws because they do not want homeless people congregating in city centers where they know that they will be fed.  But at a time when poverty and government dependence are soaring to unprecedented levels, is it really a good idea to ban people from helping those that are hurting?

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PHONY DATA: America’s “January Jobs” are Statistical Artifacts

Posted by seumasach on February 7, 2012

 Paul Craig Roberts
7th February, 2012
Last Friday the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in the first month of this new year 243,000  jobs were created and the unemployment rate (U.3) fell to 8.3 percent.  This good news is a mirage. It is due to faulty seasonal adjustments and to the BLS birth/death model. In a prolonged downturn, seasonal adjustments and the birth/death model produce nonexistent employment. 

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The real economic picture

Posted by seumasach on February 4, 2012

Paul Craig Roberts


If you have any money and you want to understand the lies that “your” government tells you with statistics, subscribe to John Williams

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