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Russia to have naval bases in Yemen, Libya, Syria – Navy

Posted by seumasach on January 17, 2009

MOSCOW, January 16 (Itar-Tass) – Russia in several years will have naval bases for its warships at the Socorta Island (Yemen), in Tartus (Syria) and Tripoli (Libya), Itar-Tass was told at the General Naval Staff of Russia on Friday. 

“The political decision on this issue has been made. It is difficult to say now how much time will be needed to create bases of our Navy in these countries, but it is undoubted that it will be done in several years. Otherwise it will be impossible to fulfil the task of the regular presence of our Navy in remote sea areas for the protection of Russia’s national interests, both from the economic and military-technical viewpoints,” an official of the General Naval Staff stressed. 

“For efficient response to the existing and potential threats to Russia’s security at distant approaches it is necessary to create a system of stationing of its Navy in remote areas. The base on the Socotra Island is needed, in particular, for ensuring security of navigation of Russian civilian ships by warships in the Arabian Sea and in the Gulf of Aden, analogous facilities in Tartus and Tripoli – for controlling and prompt reacting to the situation in the explosive regions of the Middle East,” the official said.

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