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Is wi-fi making me sick?

Posted by seumasach on January 9, 2009


Is wi-fi making me sick?

10 days ago I got wifi in my apartment and have had it constantly switched on, and I have been feeling sick, dizzy, aching and even having visual problems since. My blood pressure has even risen very high and I keep feeling my heart beat very stongly now and again. I went out today and after a while I felt okay again, then came home and it started again. could there be a connection, I hear 3 in 100 people are senstive to such things…

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My dear friend, your reaction to Wi-Fi and the symptoms are well documented – it’s know as electrohypersensitivity. You appear to be having an extreme reaction. The governments around the world and the wireless industry are denying this condition exists even though they have been aware of it since the 1940’s. They are running scared because so many people have gotten sick and there is a huge liabilty around saying that a technology is safe when it isn’t. The German government has come out and said all citizens should avoid Wi-Fi. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Several prominent scientists, doctors and politicians, including Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency are VERY concerned about Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi and cellphones never underwent any testing – if they did they would never have made it to market.

Here is an episode of BBC’s Panorama from March 2007 – the wireless industry got bent out of shape when it aired – there’s some very important info that you need to see in this show:…

So, try turning it off for a few hours, seeing how you feel, and then turning it back it. You will have your answer (which you seem to already know).

Good luck.


BBC Panorama show May 2007, Wi-Fi, a warning signal
The Freiberger Appeal
News stories about German Government recommending citizens not use Wi-Fi
Gerd Oberfeld, Public Health Officer in Austria recommending no Wi-Fi or cordless phones in daycares, kindergartens and schools
Olle Johannson – Karolinska Institute Sweden

Paul Raymond Doyon
TESOL Professional
MAT (TESOL), School for International Training
MA Advanced Japanese Studies, University of Sheffield
BA Psychology, University of California

One Response to “Is wi-fi making me sick?”

  1. the Uk Goverment’s health and safety is a joke : why ? because they say the following is safe
    1) wi fi
    2) flouride
    3) Aspartame E951
    4) Chemtrails
    etc etc etc etc the list could be endless.

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