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Professor Highlights Concerns Over Wi-fi in Schools

Posted by seumasach on November 20, 2008

Ulster Star

20th November

Click here for more on the dangers of Wi-Fi

A MAGHABERRY woman has helped organise a conference on the effect of microwaves produced by Wi Fi devices

Community worker Susan Kyle assisted Wi Fi campaigner Walter Graham in arranging the event last week in Stormont, which was hosted by MLA Jim Shannon.

The main focus of discussions was on the use of Wi Fi in schools.
A Swedish Professor of Neuroscience. Olle Johansson, told the audience that children are having their health put at risk from wireless computer networks in schools.

Mrs Kyle said: “I had the opportunity to spend some time with the Professor away from the official meetings where I was able to discuss his work in greater detail. 

“He believes it is very important we take the reports he discussed seriously and take any steps we can to reduce ouexposure to these micro waves by using cabling instead of Wi Fi, reducing our contact with mobile phones and DECT phones. 

“Despite receiving 25 serious death threats the Professor continues to travel around the world to discuss his findings and actually flew in from Paris were he had been giving talks to French parents and teachers who have the same concerns as we have.”

Ian Thompson, Principal of Ballinderry Primary explained recently why he had the Wi Fi switched off in his school.

He said concerns were first raised by parents. “The department and the board assured us it was safe but when I looked into both sides of the argument I came to the conclusion that the only safe approach was to remove it.”

Ben Finlay, a Riverdale Primary School P7 pupil who attended the event in the Long Gallery, commented:

“The conference was quite mind boggling, especially the part were the Professor said if you have 24 hours exposure to microwaves it is like having 1600 chest x-rays.”

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