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No more US attacks to be tolerated: PPP

Posted by smeddum on November 2, 2008

No more US attacks to be tolerated: PPP

Staff Report Daily Times

MIRANSHAH: A tribal elder of Pakistan People’s Party in North Waziristan has asked the United States to stop incursions in the agency, saying no more US drone missile attacks in the agency will be tolerated.

The party’s agency vice president Malik Ghulam Khan Madakhel said this on Friday while addressing a press conference here.

The PPP tribal leader also urged the federal government to implement parliament’s in-camera session declaration and start dialogue process in the tribal areas for ending the ongoing unrest.

He said during the USSR-Afghan war, Russian army had carried out several missile attacks in the tribal areas but did not succeed in fulfillment of its nefarious designs. Like Russian army, the US forces had also started missile attacks in the tribal region bordering Afghanistan but it, too, would never succeed in its wicked designs, he said.

He called the US drone attacks in tribal areas as challenge to the government of Pakistan and its sovereignty. He called upon the government to take practical steps for stopping US attacks in tribal areas and end military operation there to pave way for resolution of the ongoing unrest in the tribal region through dialogues.

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