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Ecuador: CIA knew of Colombian attack

Posted by smeddum on November 2, 2008

Ecuador: CIA knew of Colombian attack
Fri, 31 Oct 2008 02:55:05 GMT Press TV

Ecuadorian soldier look over the bodies of assassinated FARC guerillas, March 2008.
Ecuador’s Defense Minister Javier Ponce says that the CIA had full knowledge of the Colombian attack on a FARC rebel camp inside Ecuador.

The CIA “had full knowledge of what was happening in Angostura,” the border area in Ecuador where the attack took place, Ponce said while presenting the results of an official investigation into the suspected infiltration of Ecuador’s armed forces by US intelligence agents.

Investigators “even detected a call by the CIA on the morning of March 1 announcing the attack in Angostura,” the minister added.

The Colombian attack on March 2008 led to a rupture in ties between Bogota and Quito.

Also on Thursday, Ecuador’s security minister rejected Colombian claims that there are at least 63 camps of illegal armed insurgents in Ecuador.

“It is Colombia that has an internal armed conflict and is home to over 15,000 illegally armed subversives. It’s Colombia that has the drug cultivation, not Ecuador,” the minister said.


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