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Overwhelming UN General Assembly vote against blockade of Cuba

Posted by smeddum on November 1, 2008

Overwhelming UN General Assembly vote against blockade of Cuba granma

NEW YORK.—The UN General Assembly today approved by an overwhelming majority the resolution demanding an end of the U.S. blockade of Cuba, a vote passed by the Assembly over 17 years, the news agencies report.

Of the 192 UN member states, 185 voted in favor of the resolution, while three voted against (the United States, Israel and Palau) and two abstained (Marshall Islands and Micronesia). With this result, Cuba has gained another vote this year in relation to 2007, when 184 voted in favor, four against (the United States, Israel, Palau and the Marshall Islands), and Micronesia abstained.

The resolution calling for an end to the blockade has been approved on 16 occasions with a backing that has grown from 59 votes in 1992 to the 185 of today.

Before the vote, Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque spoke before the Assembly and noted the special situation in which this resolution is taking place, an economic crisis that is being internationally felt and above all, the imminent U.S. elections which, he observed, will produce a new president who “will have to decide whether the blockade is a failed policy.”

“You are alone, isolated,” said the foreign minister, addressing President George W. Bush. Pérez’ speech was loudly applauded by the Assembly.

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