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The Freiburger Appeal -cell phones and safety

Posted by smeddum on August 19, 2008

Appeals to the Medical Fraternity
The Freiburger Appeal is a German based appeal by mainly medical practitioners who are concerned about the effects, they believe, from mobile phone technology including masts, that are appearing in their patients. It started in Oct 2002 and with very little international publicity has got nearly 3000* medical signatories and 50,000* supporting signatures from across the world with very little publicity. Mast Sanity has been coordinating the distribution and collection of these petitions in the UK.

Unfortunately the Freiburger Appeal has not been tremendously successful in the UK due to its quite revolutionary demands that our medical professionals are reluctant to put their name to. So we, and Doctors supporting Mast Sanity, have prepared a British statement which we believe Doctors, who are already concerned about mobile phone technology but not willing to put their name to the Freiburger, will feel comfortable signing.

We also want ordinary people and official organisations, charities and political parties(regional and national) to sign a supporting document.

We would also like doctors and medical professionals outside the UK, who also felt unable to sign the Freiburger, to sign this appeal as well.

At some stage we will deliver these statements to our Government, the NHS exec, Trade Unions, Political Parties national conferences, Parliament, every MP and MEP, European commission, and we will also send copies to the organisers of the Freiburger Appeal.

(*) N.B. The Freiburger Appeal itself has 36,990 signatories of which 1,000 are (medical) Doctors. The Other spin-off Appeals in total make up some 50,000 signatories of which 3,000 are (medical) Doctors.

Freiburger Appeal :

Lichtenfelser Appeal:

Bamberger Appeal:

Hofer Appeal:

Helsinki Appeal:

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