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Bolivarist Academic Highlights CCD/EM Connection

Posted by smeddum on July 20, 2009

Rosa Luxemburg still saying: Peace means the worldwide revolution of the proletariat!

This article is significant not for its bombast, but for many things , mostly because this is the first academic leftist writer to declare  that  Colony Collapse Disorder  is a result of electrosmog. He is wrong to suggest it is merely a US phenomenon as it is world wide in its range. Japan for instance lost 50% of their bees this year.

VHeadline commentarist, University of Los Andes (ULA) political sciences professor, Dr. Franz J. T. Lee writes:

Sunday 19th July

For those whom the bell is already tolling now in America, it is time to be tactfully and diplomatically crystal clear about the formal logical “contradiction”: violence and peace. Since the military coup in Honduras and its seemingly diplomatic, ‘peaceful’ aftermath, we should be fore-warned of things to come under the Barak Obama ‘Democratic’ administration.

Beyond any doubt, whether we realize it or not, we are currently facing the fleeting moments of emancipatory truth, of fierce coming class struggles, that is, we are living and dying in one of the most virulent and violent epochs of world production, of exploited labor forces, of human history. Read the rest of this entry »

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The FDA Protects Your Pets from Mercury But Not You — Until Now

Posted by seumasach on June 17, 2009

Charlie Brown J.D.


The FDA used to be the world’s gold standard health regulator.  However, it has recently spiraled into a Byzantine phalanx of independent centers providing hasty approvals of high-risk products, without oversight, and inconsistent regulations.

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DNA databases prelude to return of eugenics?

Posted by smeddum on June 9, 2009

DNA databases prelude to return of eugenics?
Warning issued over ‘full genomic scans’ on babies

by Bob Unruh


Global Research, June 8, 2009
World Net Daily – 2009-05-02

An organization that has been battling Minnesota state procedures in which DNA from every newborn is collected and warehoused says virtually all states do the same thing, and the alarming trend eventually could lead the United States back into eugenics. Read the rest of this entry »

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Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation

Posted by seumasach on May 28, 2009

The Malthusian morons are back.How silly of us not to understand our superfluity!

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Clinton Advisor: Earth’s Population has Exceeded Limits

UK Population Must Fall to 30 Million Says Porrit

The Malthusian Question




24th May, 2009


SOME of America’s leading billionaires have met secretly to consider how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population and speed up improvements in health and education.

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UK population must fall to 30m, says Porritt

Posted by seumasach on March 25, 2009

The Malthusian campaign is really getting into gear now under the cover of a supposed global warming: thirty million of us must go. With the catastrophic effects of the proliferation and intensification of electrosmog and its devastating effects on all lifeforms, most significantly bees and other pollinators, who is to say that this modest proposal from Britain’s genocidal elite won’t become a reality. The war on humanity has begun.

JONATHON PORRITT, one of Gordon Brown’s leading green advisers, is to warn that Britain must drastically reduce its population if it is to build a sustainable society.

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The Malthusian question

Posted by seumasach on March 22, 2009

Malthus’s arguments were part of the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, and they have validity in the natural world. On the savannah, in the rainforests, and across the tundra, animal populations explode when times are good, and crash when food reserves are exhausted. Is homo sapiens an exception?

A typical piece of feebled- minded insinuation and mendacity from the conscience of the British nation. No one disputes that population falls when there is insufficient food to maintain it. What Malthus argued is that rising population automatically, necessarily leads to food shortage and can only be overcome by decreasing population. Are we going to starve because there are 6 billion of us  or because of soil depletion, bio-fuels production, ruination of farmers, land left uncultivated, massive empty latifundia and disappearance of pollinators? With this shit hitting the editorials of the  liberal press there can be no doubt that the war on humanity has begun in earnest.

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Influence of Malthus and Darwin on the European Elite


21st March, 2009

Spring, the season of fertility, began yesterday, yet it is warnings of scarcity that are notably abundant. John Beddington, the government’s chief scientific adviser, warned this week of a “perfect storm”, with food, water and energy all dangerously depleted by 2030, thanks topopulation growth and rising prosperity. Next week the Optimum Population Trust will hold a conference at the Royal Statistical Society, arguing that the planet has room for 5 billion people at the most, and that the United Kingdom should be home to no more than about 18 million.

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The War on Humanity

Posted by seumasach on March 1, 2009

-O douleur!o douleur! Le temps mange la vie,

Et l’obscur Ennemi qui ronge nos coeur

Du sang que nous perdons croit et se fortifie

(Oh horror, oh horror! Time consumes our lives

And the obscure Enemy gnaws at our hearts

As ,on our blood that flows, he thrives)

Charles Baudelaire

The War on Humanity

Cailean Bochanan

1st March, 2009

In the ideological struggle between socialists and pro-capitalists,both held the  view that capitalism was a great motor force for the development of the productive forces,but the former, especially the Marxists, seeing it as, at a certain point, becoming a barrier to these forces. Both were at great pains to stress that their systems were preemninent in this aspect, since, in their minds, human advancement was dependent on  sufficiency and a democratic society would also be prosperous society. They were, I believe, both correct to stress this relationship and to realize that the credibility of their systems depended on their ability to create a plentiful supply of those things necessary for a civilized existence  These progressive views of history saw freedom from want and scarcity as the key to the development of the free individual, of the citizen as opposed to the slave.

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Nutricide – Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs

Posted by seumasach on February 10, 2009

Health Freedom USA

Click on this link for more information:

Dr Brian Clement clip here;

Codex Alimentarius site;

Codex explained;

Click on this link to sign petition:

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