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Russia and the US clash over approach to fighting Afghan drug trafficking

Posted by seumasach on March 5, 2012


This month Washington whose commitment to fighting drug production in the US occupied Afghanistan is widely called into question rolled out a new plan of coordinating the activities of Central Asian republic’s anti-narcotic agencies. The initiative was, however, promptly blocked as potentially counterproductive by Russia, the country hit hardest by the Afghan drug output.


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British troops in Afghanistan face heroin smuggling probe

Posted by seumasach on September 13, 2010


13th September, 2010

LONDON: British military police are investigating claims that the country’s servicemen may have trafficked heroin out of Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence in London said Sunday.

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Iran says US, UK, Canada assist Afghan drug trade

Posted by seumasach on January 17, 2010


17th January, 2010

A senior Iranian anti-drug official has accused the US, Britain and Canada of playing a major role in Afghanistan’s lucrative drug trade.

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Chavez to Obama: Don’t mess with me

Posted by seumasach on March 2, 2009


1st March, 2009

The Venezuelan president has criticized US President Barack Obama for following the Bush administration policies over drug trafficking.
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Ecuador expels US embassy official

Posted by seumasach on February 8, 2009


“Correa also said that he would allow US coast guard airplanes to land on Ecuadorean soil, a request made earlier by Heather Hodges, the US ambassador, only “on one condition: that we be allowed to vet the pilots of those planes, so that they don’t sneak criminals into the country.”


8th February, 2009

Correa, who enjoys a 70 per cent popularity rating, will run for a second term as president in April polls.

The president of Ecuador has ordered a US embassy official to leave after accusing him of meddling in local police projects, a move likely to fray ties with Washington.

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