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Study links autism and gastrointestinal problems

Posted by seumasach on November 18, 2013

Children Who Have Autism Far More Likely to Have Tummy Troubles

Science Daily

6th November, 2013

Children with autism experience gastrointestinal (GI) upsets such as constipation, diarrhea and sensitivity to foods six-to-eight times more often than do children who are developing typically, and those symptoms are related to behavioral problems, including social withdrawal, irritability and repetitive behaviors, a new study by researchers at the UC Davis MIND Institute has found.

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Italian court rules MMR vaccine did trigger autism.

Posted by seumasach on January 18, 2013

An Italian court has ruled there is a link between the  MMR vaccine and autism

NYR Natural News

8th May, 2012

In what may be a ground-breaking decision, the Italian Court of Rimini has ruled that causation between an MMR vaccine and the resulting autism in a young child “has been established.”

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GMC case on Dr Wakefield falls apart.

Posted by seumasach on March 14, 2009

The case against Dr Wakefield has become a cause celebre for the Pharmaceuticals lobby and its payroll of politicians, experts, journos and sycophants. Now their treachery is being exposed and despair is setting in: witness the decision of Professor David Salisbury to prosecute One Click Group

The distortion of and politicisation of science at the service of the oligarchy is one of the central political issues of our time. The exposure of the networks which provide “expert” cover for the nefarious activities of Big Pharma, the telecommunications companies, the GM crops lobby and others is an increasingly urgent task.

Government and drug companies need back-up plan as GMC case on Dr Wakefield falls apart.

Christina England

American Chronicle

20th February, 2009

It is fast beginning to look as if the ‘Wakefield’ case was a put up job by British Journalist Brian Deer. Dr Wakefield is a British doctor who is being investigated for ‘Serious Professional Misconduct’ by the British General Medical Council for his claims that the MMR is linked to Autism and a painful bowel condition. It is rumored that Mr Deer has wagered a 10 year hate campaign on Dr Andrew Wakefield. He has written a series of extremely damaging articles in a British top selling newspaper ‘The Sunday Times’. It has now been revealed that he is the complainant behind the GMC complaint which has seen three top doctors Dr Andrew Wakefield, Dr Simon Murch and Professor Walker-Smith, face being struck of the medical register for serious professional misconduct and he has a hate website dedicated to Dr Andrew Wakefield which can only be described slanderous.

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