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FDA admits in court case that vaccines still contain mercury

Posted by seumasach on April 1, 2012

Natural News

1st April, 2012

It is a common myth today that the vaccines administered to children no longer contain the toxic additive thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative linked to causing permanent neurological damage. But a recent federal case involving the U.S.Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has revealed that, contrary to this widely-held belief, thimerosal is actually still present in many batch vaccines, including in the annual influenza vaccine that is now administered to children as young as six months old.

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Mercury In Vaccines Was Replaced With Something Even MORE Toxic

Posted by seumasach on January 30, 2009


27th January, 2009

vaccines, aluminumThe short, eye-opening eBook linked below is titled Aluminum in Vaccines — a Neurological Gamble, by Neil Miller, director of the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute. It documents the hazards associated with aluminum-laden vaccines. Children are receiving high concentrations of aluminum in their shots. This well-documented neurotoxin may be more dangerous than mercury.

Vaccines containing high concentrations of neurotoxic aluminum were added to the child immunization schedule when several vaccines containing mercury were removed. Two-month old babies now receive 1,225 mcg of aluminum from their vaccines — 50 times higher than safety levels! Although the FDA, CDC and World Health Organization are aware of the dangers, they expect parents to play Russian roulette with their children.

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The Abbreviated

Posted by seumasach on July 28, 2008

July 27, 2008 — Stefan Fobes

A War of Illusions


Seen as a victory by American anti-vaccine advocates and as an historic admission by the US government that vaccines cause autism,the Department of Health & Human Services recently conceded in a lawsuit that five vaccines simultaneously given to a Georgia girl, Hannah Poling when she was 19 months old, “aggravated a rare underlying metabolic condition that resulted in a brain disorder with features of autism spectrum disorder”. The sick crap about these vaccine cases is that you cannot sue the manufacturers directly. They are held in a special vaccine “court” and the best outcome possible even in there is to get some money from a federal vaccine fund. Even if a person believes the government is good and loving, and of course, there are people who do lie to milk some payments for themselves, but this unreasonable scorched earth policy is the smoking gun proof in this pudding of the Siamese twin style relationship between the government and the drug companies.

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10 Reasons Why Parents Question Vaccination

Posted by seumasach on July 19, 2008

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By The Australian Vaccination Network

For some time now, members of the government and the medical industry have tried to explain away the phenomenon of parental refusal to vaccinate. Despite the government’s own studies, such as Rogers and Pilgrim; 1993, which shows that “Older, highly educated parents form the basis of the [sic] anti-immunisation lobby”, parents continue to be accused of being ignorant, uncaring and stupid for refusing vaccines which the medical community claim will keep their children healthy.

In an effort to set the record straight, the AVN, which is contacted by more than 10,000 Australian parents each year who question this procedure, would like to give you the 10 most common reasons why the parents who contact us have chosen not to vaccinate.

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