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Tibet: Britain to recognise Beijing’s direct rule – China welcomes decision

Posted by alfied on November 15, 2008

A wise move by the Brits and one which, hopefully, will mean an end to interference in the internal affairs of China, and elsewhere. Britain now has enough on its plate with its own internal affairs, notably, economic disintegration. We would , therefore, do well to stop antagonising others, and seek, rather, their friendship and cooperation. Is Britain drawing China into a new world economic order or is it the other way round?


A senior Chinese official has welcomed the UK’s decision to recognise Beijing’s direct rule over Tibet.

Zhu Weiqun, who is leading talks with Tibetan exiles, told the BBC the move had brought the UK “in line with the universal position in today’s world”. Read the rest of this entry »

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How come Zimbabwe and Tibet get all the attention?

Posted by seumasach on June 27, 2008

“The British media have long since largely abandoned any attempt at impartiality in its reporting of Zimbabwe, the common assumption being that Mugabe is a murderous dictator at the head of a uniquely wicked regime.”

Almost a lone voice in Briish journalism, Seumas Milne cuts through some of the lies about Zimbabwe and exposes the  “transparently racist agenda’ being conducted by the senile Brits of both left and right.He shows that he has clearly grasped that collective punishment will be inflicted on the Zimbabweans if they vote Mugabe back into power.

If a government wants to abuse human rights and rig elections, it needs to have the support of – or be – the western powers

Seumas Milne

 Guardian (UK), April 17, 2008

There is no question that the struggle over land and power in Zimbabwe has brought the country to a grim pass. Nearly a decade after the takeover of white-owned farms and the rupture with the west, economic breakdown, hyperinflation, sanctions and Aids have taken a heavy toll. With the expectation now that a second round of elections, mired in claims of fraud, may after all keep President Mugabe in power, the prospect must be of continued economic punishment and crisis.

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