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Deutsche Bank sees end to pound’s reserve status

Posted by seumasach on January 28, 2017

Mr Winkler has cited data from the IMF which shows that the sterling share of global reserves has fallen slightly in the two quarters to September.

He also says the Chinese central bank is moving out of sterling more rapidly than it moves out of other currencies, as it sells down its massive hoard of reserves in order to stop the value of the renminbi from falling too fast.

27th January

Read Independent article:  Is the pound in danger of losing its reserve currency status because of Brexit?


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Daily Moron- Iceland should adopt sterling, not the euro

Posted by seumasach on February 17, 2009

“First the English destroy Iceland and now they want to impose their English toilet paper currency on the Icelandic people….

What a great comforting feeling for all newly bankrupted Icelandic people to walk around with the English Queen’s head printed on the English toilet paper currency…..

The best the Icelandic people can do is to close down the English embassy in Reykyavik and never engage in business again with the English regime that deliberately attacked Iceland’s banks forcing Iceland into total collapse.”

“your analysis of Hannan’s interference in the affairs of other European countries is spot on ; my conclusion is that Hannan is a US sponsored mole at the EU where he attempts to destroy Europe and destroy the EU and replace it exclusively with an US controlled NATO political structure.

Everytime Hannan speaks in Brussels it would be helpful for all EU MEP’s to vocally denounce him as an American NATO puppet; we in Europe should not allow American sponsored moles to walk into Europe and try to destroy all European institutions we have built up in the last 60 yrs and which have led Europe to become the worlds largest most succesful and prosperous market on the planet.

Johan de  Meulemeester(from comments)

Daniel Hannan


15th February, 2009

I’ve observed before that European integration tends also to diminish a member state’s internal democracy. Iceland is the latest example. As things stand, if you want to amend the constitution, you have to carry the change in parliament, then have a general election, then pass it again. The new Left-wing government wants to scrap that rule so as to fast-track EU membership.

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