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Obama-Stop Blaming the West (or We’ll Bomb You)

Posted by seumasach on July 12, 2009

Having established saintly status for himself Obama can now get off with this mendacious, racist caricature of Africa and rebrand Western plunder as “patronage”. The nerve of this charlatan, fresh from putting the finishing touches to the US kleptocracy, in attacking African leaders for self-enrichment is astounding and puts him firmly in the Blair, Goebbels school of deception and hypocrisy.

Here is a particularly brazen lie:

“But the West is not responsible for the destruction of the Zimbabwean economy over the last decade”

For in depth exposure of this lie we recommend Stephen Gowan’s blog, What’s Left. Alternatively look at our Zimbabwe section in “categories” ( left-hand column)

Africans need to take cognisance of the fact that behind the “partnership” verbiage lies the menace of Africom. ITNT strongly recommends that African states reject any “health” initiatives coming from the USA.


11th July, 2009

Adopting a tone his white predecessors never dared employ, the US President told Africa it could no longer blame the West for all its woes.

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