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Iran sanctions, emerging markets and the end of dollar dominance

Posted by seumasach on August 30, 2018

Brandon Smith

Birch Gold

The trade war is a rather strange and bewildering affair if you do not understand the underlying goal behind it. If you think that the goal is to balance the trade deficit and provide a more amicable deal for U.S. producers on the global market, then you are probably finding yourself either confused, or operating on blind faith that the details will work themselves out.

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“The Boss” at the G20

Posted by seumasach on September 7, 2016

Pepe Escobar


6th September, 2016

The G20 in China was immensely impressive—in a way that very few in the West are able to understand. I’ve been living in Asia on and off for 22 years now—and other experienced, trusted Asia hands have had the same impression.

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The IMF Can Print Money Like a Central Bank

Posted by seumasach on October 29, 2008

George Washington’s blog

27th october, 2008

In an article entitled “IMF may need to ‘print money’ as crisis spreads”, the Telegraph reveals that the IMF has the power to create money just like the Federal Reserve:

“The nuclear option is to print money by issuing Special Drawing Rights, in effect acting as if it were the world’s central bank. This was done briefly after the fall of the Soviet Union but has never been used as systematic tool of policy to head off a global financial crisis.

‘The IMF can in theory create liquidity like a central bank,’ said an informed source. ‘There are a lot of ideas kicking around.'”

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