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First 100 days: David Cameron and Nick Clegg lose buddy movie script

Posted by seumasach on August 18, 2010

Marina Hyde


18th August, 2010

Can it really only be only three months since David Cameron and Nick Clegg gave that wisecracking joint press conference in the Downing Street garden, catapulting their take on bromance into the mainstream electoral landscape? “Prime minister,” inquired a reporter that day. “Do you now regret that when once asked what your favourite joke was, you replied ‘Nick Clegg’?”

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Schoolboy coalition rift over human rights versus “British rights”

Posted by seumasach on May 19, 2010

A cursory glance at the European Human Rights Convention is enough to know why the British elite are unhappy with the Human Rights Act. Instead, they’ve come up with the British Bill of Rights as if the terms “British” and “human” were incompatible . All the debating skills of up and coming fifth former Clegg have been to no avail, foiled by a technique honed on the playing fields of Eton: the ball has been booted into the long grass pending an “independent commission”. Will young Clegg risk continuing to annoy the Tories by insisting on this fundamental plank of his own party’s policy?


19th May, 2010

A battle between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats over whether to introduce a British bill of rights, supplanting the European convention on human rights, is to be passed to an independent commission after a disagreement within the new coalition.

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