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Get on the Trump peace train!

Posted by seumasach on July 3, 2018

Justin Raimondo


2nd July, 2018

There’s never a dull moment with the Trump administration, which means: never a moment of rest for the War Party. Trump keeps throwing fast balls at the pundits and assembled “experts,” and they keep striking out, bigtime, as the ball whizzes past their heads and lands, with a thwack!, in the catcher’s mitt.

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Who’s afraid of the Trump/Putin summit?

Posted by seumasach on July 3, 2018

Ron Paul

Ron Paul Institute

2nd July, 2018

President Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton was in Moscow last week organizing what promises to be an historic summit meeting between his boss and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Bolton, who has for years demanded that the US inflict “pain” on Russia and on Putin specifically, was tasked by Trump to change his tune. He was forced to shed some of his neoconservative skin and get involved in peacemaking. Trump surely deserves some credit for that!

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Trump’s threat likely to bolster Venezuela’s struggling Maduro

Posted by seumasach on September 4, 2017

Trump’s threat has indeed changed the balance of forces in favor of Maduro as confirmed by James Petras. Are we really expected to believe that Trump was not aware of that reaction. Trump’s modus operandi is indeed most unusual but it has an underlying pattern: behind over-the-top, belligerent rhetoric moves are made against neocon, CIA interests. Put it another way: does anyone really believe Trump will intervene militarily in Venezuela?

Jason Ditz


13th August, 2017

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was in tough shape this time last week. Public protests and violence have been soaring, the nation’s economy is on life support, and virtually all of the rest of Latin America is unified in opposing his recent attempts to consolidate power in his party.

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The possible education of Donald Trump

Posted by seumasach on September 4, 2017

Robert Parry

Consortium News

25th August, 2017

Despite the chaos and ugliness of the past seven months, President Trump has finally begun to turn U.S. foreign policy away from the neoconservative approach of endless war against an ever-expanding roster of enemies.

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Goodbye ‘President’ Trump; hail ‘President’ Mattis

Posted by seumasach on August 26, 2017

This author is one of the few to see what is undoubtedly a historic development. As a historical analogy Mercuris draws on the case of Germany in 1914. However, at that point Germany had been outmanouvered by the British over several decades and was already playing a losing hand. I find the analogy, and the contrast, between the end of the Anglo-American empire and the Roman Empire more revealing. By the time of the last Roman emperor in the West the Roman army had simply ceased to exist. All the great military leaders of the late Roman Empire, Stilicho, Aetius and Rimmer, had been assassinated. The great landowners of the senatorial elite had blocked recruitment to the army in favor of building up their own bands of retainers, essentially their own private armies. The Roman elite had decided to collapse the empire rather than see it become dominated by the military who they saw as the only existing threat to their power. The bet instead on patronizing the Goths. It is notable that at the time of Belisarius’s attempt to reabsorb Italy into the empire of the East the senatorial elite in Rome was still conspiring with “barbarian” forces against him. They lost the bet however with the Lombard invasions which they couldn’t control. This marked the real end of the Western empire at around 600 AD.

The USA has seen a similar conflict with the neoconservative faction, ascendant after 9/11, only too keen to put US military forces “in harm’s way” in a series of militarily irrational ventures and equally keen to substitute mercenary forces for them. The response from the military wasn’t long in coming and led to the destitution of Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary and his replacement by  Robert Gates who clearly represented the “realist” faction. This in turn led to the Obama presidency pledged to avoid military commitments and he duly spurned opportunities and pressures to turn CIA operations in the Middle East and Ukraine into full-scale military confrontations. At the same time he failed to end tensions with Russia and failed to give a positive US leadership taking on board the new multipolar reality. The “presidency” of Mathis can thus been seen as the culmination of the countercoup instigated in 2006. Mercurio points out with great precision the character of this new leadership. On the one hand , it is certainly good news that the State Department and the CIA seem to marginalized but we are also still far from any sense of a resolution to  America’s internal tensions or the closely related issue of a positive geostrategic direction. Trump’s  much-vaunted nationalist policy may come down to simply this: America’s one credible national institution has survived to frustrate the neocon dream of a global empire of chaos.

Alexander Mercuris

The Duran

24th August, 2017

Back on 16th February 2017, shortly after the forced resignation of President Trump’s first National Security Adviser General Flynn, I spoke of the extraordinary power that US Defense Secretary General Mattis appeared to be wielding within the Trump administration

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McMaster solidifies power at NSC

Posted by seumasach on August 8, 2017

We here see a playing out of the chickenhawk versus realist dilemma which  surfaced dramatically during the Iraq War. The realists won the first round with the destitution of Rumsfeld. Now they are going head-to-head again with the neocon “chickenhawks” dominating Congress and the realists closely linked to the military in control of the White House. The chickenhawks are on a high after voting through sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea and will be pushing on to destabilize Europe working in tandem with their Brexit allies in the UK. But Trump is far from done and one has the impression by the way he is playing his cards that he is far from the fool he is so often made out to be.

and supports Iran deal, sees Israel as occupier


Last night President Trump issued a statement affirming his support for National Security adviser H.R. McMaster in the face of a storm of criticism from rightwing outlets. The statement is a sign that Trump and his new chief of staff are taking the realist side of the debate inside his administration over foreign policy.

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Rex Tillerson: Trump not very happy about Russia sanctions bill

Posted by seumasach on August 2, 2017

“President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson still oppose the Russia sanctions legislation passed by Congress, the nation’s top diplomat reiterated Tuesday, even though Trump plans to sign the bill.”

Washington Examiner

President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson still oppose the Russia sanctions legislation passed by Congress, the nation’s top diplomat reiterated Tuesday, even though Trump plans to sign the bill.

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War is Peace: US deploys new form of hybrid aggression in Ukraine against Russia

Posted by seumasach on August 2, 2017


30th July, 2017

Late last week, RT reported that the State Department had approved ordering 630 pieces of sniper equipment for the Ukrainian army, including dozens of Leupold Mark 6 optical sight kits, tripods, laser range finders, camouflage kits and other items. Meanwhile, Donetsk People’s Republic intelligence has indicated that foreign instructors have been spotted training Ukrainian army snipers right along the contact line between militia and Ukrainian army positions in recent weeks.

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The US establishment against the rest of the world

Posted by seumasach on August 1, 2017

Thierry Meyssan


1st August, 2017

The US ruling class feels threatened by the international changes prompted by President Trump. It has just united in order to force him under the guardianship of Congress. In a law which was voted almost unanimously, it has re-introduced sanctions against North Korea, Iran and Russia, and has unravelled the investments of the European Union and those of China. For them, it is essential to block the President’s policy of cooperation and development, and to return to the Wolfowitz doctrine of confrontation and suzerainety.

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