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NSA snooping

Posted by seumasach on June 11, 2013

Obama under pressure as senator denounces ‘act of treason’


11th June, 2013

The Obama administration offered no indication on Monday about what it intended to do about Snowden. The White House did however say he had sparked an “appropriate debate” and hinted it might welcome revision of the Patriot Act, legislation introduced in 2001 which it claims gives legal authority for the programmes carried out by the National Security Agency.

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The Doomsday Project and deep events

Posted by seumasach on January 5, 2012

The Doomsday Project and deep events: JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra and 9/11

Peter Dale Scott


5th January, 2012

In this two-part analysis, former diplomat and scholar Peter Dale Scott deciphers the successive stages, since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, of the United States’ inexorable slide into the situation that President Eisenhower had feared and cautioned his compatriots against. Since 26 October 2001 and the introduction of the Patriot Act, a secret structure – the “Deep State” – has steered defense and foreign policy behind the veil of democracy.

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