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Who Was Behind the Anthrax Attacks?

Posted by seumasach on July 28, 2011

More evidence Bruce Ivins was a scapegoat

Justin Raimondo

20th July, 2011

More on Ivin’s Affair


The admission by the Justice Department that they know the alleged perpetrator of the anthrax attacks did not have the means to create anthrax in his lab is hardly surprising: after all, this is an “investigation” that has been so mishandled that one has to question whether the point of it was ever to find the real culprit.

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A key British official reminds us of the forgotten anthrax attack

Posted by seumasach on November 28, 2009

Glen Greenwald

27th November, 2009

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ITNT Archive: Anthrax Attack and Ivins Affair

Britain is currently engulfed by a probing, controversial investigation into how their Government came to support the invasion of Iraq, replete with evidence that much of what was said at the time by both British and American officials was knowingly false, particularly regarding the unequivocal intention of the Bush administration to attack Iraq for months when they were pretending otherwise.  Yesterday, the British Ambassador to the U.S. in 2002 and 2003, Sir Christopher Meyer (who favored the war), testified before the investigative tribunal and said this:

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ITNT Archive on Anthrax Attack, Ivin’s Affair

Posted by seumasach on April 28, 2009

Anthrax Attack was state Sponsored Terror(But the State was America)

‘Anthrax killer’ remains a mystery

Proof that Ivins couldn’t have done it(at least, not alone)

Anthrax case against bio-weapons expert ’staggering for lack of evidence’

FBI’s Allegation that Ivins was “Sole Custodian” is False

The FBI’s emerging, leaking case against Ivins

The anthrax attack was a classic false flag attack blamed on Arabs

Scientists Question FBI Probe On Anthrax

Government Tries to Bury Anthrax Story

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