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Ivan Lins:Antes Que Seja Tarde- Before it’s Too Late

Posted by seumasach on June 9, 2009

Fantastic song by Ivan Lins- written thirty years ago- it’s about today, now. Wake up! For the love of God- Wake up!
Antes Que Seja Tarde!-Before it’s too late!

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Com força e com vontade
A felicidade há de se espalhar
Com toda intensidade

[With force and will

happiness must be spread

with great intensity]
Há de molhar o seco
De enxugar os olhos
De iluminar os becos
Antes que seja tarde
Há de assaltar os bares
E retomar as ruas
E visitar os lares

Antes que seja tarde

[We must rain on drought,

we must dry our eyes

illuminate the dead -ends

before it is too late.

we must invade the bars

and retake the streets

and visit the people

before its too late]

Há de rasgar as trevas
E abençoar o dia
E de guardar as pedras
Antes que seja tarde

[We must tear up the darkness

and bless the light

and treasure the stones

before it’s too late]
Há de deixar sementes
No mais bendito fruto
Na terra e no ventre
Antes que seja tarde
[We must leave seeds

of the most blessed fruit

in the earth and the womb

before it’s too late]

Há de fazer alarde
E libertar os sonhos
Da nossa mocidade
Antes que seja tarde
[We must sing the praises

and liberate the dreams

of our youth

before it’s too late]

Há de mudar os homens
Antes que a chama apague
Antes que a fé se acabe
Antes que seja tarde.

[We must change ourselves

before the flame goes out

before our faith is exhausted

before it’s too late]

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