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Pakistan tests US will with Iran pipeline

Posted by seumasach on March 13, 2013

“The pipeline agreement underlines that the US is isolating itself in the battle over Iran. US sanctions laws on Iran are simply rules without a game-plan, and the sooner the US lawmakers come to this realization, the better.” 

Kaveh Afrasiabi

Asia Times

13th March, 2013

NEW YORK – Although the United Nations has never imposed sanctions on Iran’s energy sector, the US government has opposed a decision by Pakistan to proceed with a much-delayed pipeline from Iran on the grounds that this would put Islamabad in “violation of United Nations sanctions over its nuclear program”. [1] It seems the US has once again mistaken its own laws for that of the international community.

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Pakistan to draw closer to Iran

Posted by seumasach on April 16, 2009


16th April, 2009

Pakistan’s parliament says it is intent on setting up a special group to boost parliamentary cooperation with Muslim states particularly Iran. The group aims to draw the Muslim states closer together and develop inter-parliamentary cooperation, said Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Fahmida Mirza. “The National Assembly of Pakistan is willing to commence this cooperation with Iran first as it is now a high priority in Pakistan’s foreign policy,” Mirza said. “To that end we have proposed formation of the association of Muslim states’ parliament speakers and we hope it will be welcomed,” she added. “Iran enjoys a high position in the world of Islam and its positive and effective role is of great importance for Pakistan,” she continued. The Pakistani official announced an upcoming visit to Iran at the parliamentary level, along with 30 other members of the special group. Pakistan views Iran as a source of energy for its economic development. Currently the most important project for the extension of Pakistan-Iran economic ties is the completion of the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline, known as IPI gas pipeline project. “Although the economic transactions and relations are not in a high level, but the officials of the two states attempt to boost the economic level through recognizing the existing infrastructures and obstacles,” she continued. Pakistan’s parliament speaker cited the IPI project as one of the greatest economic plans between Tehran and Islamabad. “Islamabad is determined to finalize the IPI project as it is in pressing need of Iran’s gas to make up its needs in energy sector,” she added.

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