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Tehran seeks to reset relations

Posted by seumasach on May 15, 2012

“A trend in Europe is that compliant right-wing politicians who have forfeited European national security into American hands are on their way out, and a more self-assertive EU is on the rise that could detach itself from the American-Israeli militaristic modus operandi.”

Kaveh Afrasiabi

Asia Times

16th May, 2012

In the current tumult of diplomatic maneuvers ahead of the crucial Baghdad talks on Tehran’s nuclear program between Iran and the P5+1 nations scheduled for May 23, reflected in multiple “cold” signals from the West, Iran and France are poised to reset their troubled relations if certain conditions are met.

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Hiatus in European debate on Iran

Posted by seumasach on February 9, 2012

It seems that in Europe, ad hoc policy such as France and England’s naval bandwagoning with the American armada in the Persian Gulf has replaced rational defense strategies that could entertain an Iranian-European security debate and even cooperation.

Exactly. Britain and France have effectively bounced Europe into another serious own-goal. Hopefully the defeat of Sarkozy in the coming elections will lead to Britain being finally frozen out of European security policy and the subsequent adoption of a saner and more constructive policy towards Iran.

Kaveh Afrasiabi

Asia Times

10th February, 2012

PALO ALTO – At last week’s Munich Security Conference, there was a conspicuous absence of any meaningful discussion of the “Iran crisis” threatening global peace and security.

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Iran set to turn off oil supply to Europe

Posted by seumasach on January 26, 2012


26th January, 2012

The European Union embargo on Iranian oil will only come into effect in six months, but the leadership in Tehran wants to act first: Exports to Europe are set to be halted immediately. It is a move which could mean added difficulties for struggling economies in southern Europe.

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