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Referendum on EU likely in Iceland

Posted by smeddum on May 5, 2009

Iceland Turns Left and Edges Toward EU

As news comes in from Iceland, it tends to confirm the direction towards a EU referendum. While the citizen’s movement that emerged from the protests in Reykjavík last winter; stresses that those protests had nothing to do with the EU but the collapse of the Icelandic bank sector and lack of actions from the authorities. Sheltering behind the Euro would be good for Iceland’s economy but the fear is that control of the fishing industry would go to Brussels.
While, in particular Europe is against whaling, there is the possibility of a transitional relationship.

By Leigh Phillips
Businessweek  April  27, 2009,

Icelandic voters punished the centre-right party that had governed the country for most of the last 18 years and dominated it for generations, delivering a clear majority in a snap general election to the centre-left Social Democrats and far-left and ecologist Left Green Movement. Read the rest of this entry »

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