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The Brown plan for global oligarchy

Posted by seumasach on March 1, 2009


Here, New Labour mouthpiece, Will Hutton, gives a fairly comprehensive outline of the Brown plan, a “global new deal”. This involves using the UN. IMF, World Bank and EU to spearhead the kind of policies already put into the practice in the US/UK i.e. massive handouts to financier interests and the bankrupting of the nation state. Brown understands that reform is necessary within organisations like the IMF, UN etc. In other words, in order to maintain their credibility some other nations must be given a place in the inner circle. This not the kind of refoundation of global organisations we need for the new multipolar world.

“But now, more than ever, we need a stronger, free-trading EU with pan-EU financial regulation that speaks with one voice as a core constituent of a new order.”

This is a reference to already existing plans to create a huge trans-Atlantic free trade area. It is also in this context, and this alone , that we should understand Mandelsohn’s pro-Euro sentiment.

Will Hutton


1st March, 2009


This week, Gordon Brown becomes only the fifth British prime minister to address both American houses of Congress. He will speak against the background of the gravest economic times in living memory. Each of his listeners will know that, without massive American government support, both the US banking system and its car industry would now be bust. Instead of unemployment rising by a sickening 600,000 a month, it would be going up by more than a million.

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