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Is the Detroit Nigerian “Terrorist” A Patsy?

Posted by seumasach on January 1, 2010

Bruce A. Dixon

Black Agenda Report

30th December, 2009

The bumbling Nigerian “terrorist” who set his lap on fire on board an airliner in Detroit Christmas day will provide days or weeks of conveniently hysterical headlines, along with excuses to target West Africa and Yemen for extra special attention from the American military, and the usual host of justifications for existing US policies in what used to be called ‘the war on terror’. But the similarities between his case, and that of incompetent “terrorists” in Fort Dix New Jersey, in Miami’s Liberty City and elsewhere raise serious questions about the whole incident.
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E-book: Operation Gladio and NATO Terrorism in Western Europe

Posted by seumasach on February 20, 2009


  A must Read:

Dr. Daniele Ganser, an academic historian from Switzerland researched false flag terrorism in Europe.

Besides his publicity around the 9/11 truth movement, his historical work about the so-called “Nato secret armies” is extremly interesting.

If you want to get several examples which false flag operations have been definetly proven, how they were uncovered, how they were interlocked with politicians or even brought to courts, Gansers work is a good place to start.

You can down load here:

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