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Only more Europe can beat Europe’s nationalists

Posted by seumasach on July 8, 2016

Guy Verhofstadt

New Europe

8th July, 2016

BRUSSELS – British voters’ choice to leave the European Union is unfortunate, but unsurprising. For decades, British politicians have avoided making the case for EU membership, or even explaining to the British people how the Union works and why it is necessary.

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Greece’s debt troubles strengthen the case for a fiscal union in Europe

Posted by seumasach on July 21, 2015

South China Morning Post

21st July, 2015

The Greek debt crisis has evolved in a dramatic way over the past weeks. Despite a Greek referendum voting no to the reform proposal, the European creditors have insisted on even harsher austerity measures as precondition for a third bailout, which Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras finally accepted with deep reservations.

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Towards the world’s first supranational parliament

Posted by seumasach on October 26, 2014

“Les mouvements citoyens anti-austérité ou simplement soucieux de démocratisation du système décisionnel européen seraient bien inspirés de joindre leurs voix pour exiger des élections trans-Euroland. Cela pourrait accélérer la transition.”

The protest movements across Europe remain stuck in the familiar vagaries of “another world is possible”. They need to leave aside their “anotherworldlyness” and find concrete goals. Given that they are not anti-European, for the most part, they should focus on the issue of European or, more specifically, Eurozone construction. The creation of sovereign, democratic structures at Eurozone level is urgent required especially given the failure of national governments to break out of the Atlanticist stranglehold dramatically illustrated by the fiasco of their dealings with Ukraine. The eurozone still has to create an independent foreign and defense policy, deal with the insolvency of its financial institutions and rebuild the real economy.

Un Super-Comité de l’Euroland au sein du Parlement européen ? En route vers le premier Parlement supra-national du monde

Marie-Hélène Caillol

LEAP 2020

24th October, 2014

La crise de l’Euro a permis de déployer l’embryon institutionnel de la zone Euro : de la BCE au Sommet de l’Euro via l’Eurogroupe, l’UE et les Etats-Membres se sont rendu compte à partir de 2009 qu’ils avaient omis de doter d’un système de gouvernance ce nouveau souverain apparu en 2002 au sein de l’UE, l’Euroland. Ni l’UE ni les états-membres n’étaient donc en mesure de prendre les décisions qui s’imposaient, encore moins de les mettre en oeuvre. Alors il a fallu créer à toute vitesse les mécanismes et les instances nécessaires. Ce fut fait et cela sauva, temporairement, l’euro.


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Manifeste pour une union politique de l’euro

Posted by seumasach on February 18, 2014

Clearly we now have movement in Europe with the perspectives of the sidelining of the Lisbon Treaty and a some form of sovereign democracy within the core Euroland. At the same time Michel Barnier’s banking union promises to curb financier power in the eurozone and end the bailouts.

Le Monde

16th February, 2014

Un collectif d’économistes et de politologues, dont Thomas Piketty ou Pierre Rosanvallon, appelle à de profondes réformes démocratiques et notamment à la création d’une chambre parlementaire de la zone euro.

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Eurozone countries should form United States of Europe, says EC vice-president

Posted by seumasach on February 18, 2014

Although the need for Eurozone, as opposed to EU, integration has been evident for some time, this is perhaps the first high-level statement to that effect. The Eurozone is now the core of the Europe and the rest are distinctly the periphery. Britain clearly will remain on the periphery for the  immediate future, a fact which will facilitate a “Yes” vote in any referendum although the problem of a viable UK currency will remain unresolved as will be true even of countries outside the EU such as Iceland. This statement should serve as a dampener for the more fanciful notions of the Ukrainian “opposition” regarding European integration: Europe must now focus on building its core rather than serving as a cover for NATO expansion aimed against Russia.


17th February, 2014

A celebrated call by Winston Churchill for the creation of a “United States of Europe” was revived on Monday by a leading member of theEuropean commission who said the 18 eurozone countries should form a full fiscal and political union.

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