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The UK could learn a lot from Germany’s long-term industrial strategy

Posted by seumasach on March 31, 2016

With a consensus emerging that the British steel industry is a strategic asset which must be saved and a leader of the opposition calling for a “strategic state” and a”national investment bank”, the post- thatcherite consensus on non-interventionism is breaking down. This is a very recent shift and a very sharp check on the opposite trend embodied in the Tory/SNP regionalisation of Britain project. Both centripetal and centrifugal forces are currently vying for primacy and yet it is clear that central control is necesarry to rebuild Britain’s industrial base.

Larry Elliot


30th March, 2016
As a share of its economy, Germany’s manufacturing sector is twice the size of Britain’s – 23% of national GDP, compared with 11%, according to the World Bank. Unlike Britain, it runs a large surplus on trade in goods. The German steel industry has not buckled under the pressure of dumping by China.

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UK’s biggest threat is economic not military, warns head of Britain’s armed forces

Posted by seumasach on January 6, 2012

‘The country’s main effort must be the economy. No country can defend itself if bankrupt.’

If this means rebuild Britain rather than fight wars then it is welcome

Daily Mail

15th December, 2011

The biggest strategic risk facing the UK is economic rather than military, the head of Britain’s armed forces has said.

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End Wars – Rebuild Britain! A Programme for the End of Empire

Posted by seumasach on March 7, 2010

A Programme for the End of Empire
Cailean Bochanan
7th March, 2010
With an election coming soon and Britain blindly heading towards the abyss now is the time to put forward a programme of action to get ourselves out of the deep hole we have dug, and persist in digging, for ourselves. The world’s foremost debtor nation per head, bankruptcy proceedings seem inevitable, both for our citizenry and for UK PLC, and the question must inevitably arise of where the bailout money has gone and how we manage to run prohibitively expensive wars on other peoples money especially when these same wars seem to be directed against those creditors themselves.

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