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Dr Andrew Goldsworthy Explains the Effect of RF EM ( Mobile Phone) Radiation on Living Cells

Posted by seumasach on September 10, 2009

Here Dr Goldsworthy responds to a point raised by Martin Weatheral of the Weep Initiative concerning this passage from the article linked below.

“The effect, in a nutshell, is when a surface absorbs light and it releases electrons.

Early work by Bequerel, Hertz, and Thomson led to the understanding that the amount of electrons emitted after exposure to electromagnetic radiation was proportional to the intensity of the radiation.”

What the article is saying that electromagnetic radiation comes in small packets called photons or quanta, the energy of which is proportional to its frequency. It is relevant to us because a molecule can only absorb one photon at a time and the effect it can have on that molecule is limited by the energy of that photon.

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The Birds, the Bees and Electromagnetic Pollution-update

Posted by seumasach on June 2, 2009

Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy

Mast Sanity

How electromagnetic fields can disrupt both solar and magnetic bee navigation and reduce immunity to disease all in one go


Many of our birds are disappearing mysteriously from the urban environment and our bees are now under serious threat. There is increasing evidence that at least some of this is due to electromagnetic pollution such as that from cell towers, cell phones, DECT cordless phones and Wifi. It appears capable of interfering with their navigation systems and also their circadian rhythms, which in turn reduces their resistance to disease. The most probable reason is that these animals use a group of magnetically-sensitive substances called cryptochromes for magnetic and solar navigation and also to control the activity of their immune systems.

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