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Iceland’s Marie Antoinette

Posted by seumasach on February 2, 2009



Dorrit Moussaieff: How to revive Iceland

The first lady of Iceland, and jeweller to the super-rich, has a plan to revive her country – turning it into a cooler version of Dubai



1st February, 2009

In a week when Iceland plunged even further into the grip of political chaos, its currency was binned, everyone in government was sacked and a new prime minister, in the shape of the world’s first lesbian national leader, was hastily installed, one might imagine that the president’s wife would be sitting on a rock, wailing.

Not a bit of it. That is because the Icelandic first lady comes in the zippy form of Dorrit Moussaieff. She is sitting in the splendid drawing room of her Belgravia apartment, which is panelled with wood and decorated with porcelain and paintings by Toulouse-Lautrec and the preRaphaelites. At 59, dripping in jewels and with her nut-brown hair freshly blow-dried by Nicky Clarke himself, she looks closer to 35.

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