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David Davies: A Brexit economic strategy for Britain

Posted by seumasach on July 14, 2016

Here, then , is the plan. It is based on the usual humbug of Britain, the “great trading nation”, rather than the reality of Britain, the tax haven. Export-led growth is the policy embraced by Cameron after the 2008 crisis. Nothing happened. In order to have such a policy we would require massive investment in Britain’s depleted industrial base. For that, we require incoming investment. For incoming investment we require membership of the EU. China or India see investment in the UK as a gateway into the single market. Before recklessly throwing it all away we had already entered a strategic partnership with China which promised to achieve all these things. Significantly, Davies refers to “the deals which would most benefit us, such as those with Canada or the US.” Deals with other de-industrialised, debtor nations will do little for Britain’s export base. In reality, the political decision to align ourselves with the USA rather than Europe will do little for British industry or the British people. It will , however, be welcome in the City of London which will continue to receive incoming funds of dubious origin and in the areas of  security and military- industrial complex.

David Davies(Secretary of State for Exiting the EU)

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“So we need to shift our economy towards a more export-led growth strategy, based on higher productivity employment. Fortunately, this will prove eminently possible as a part of a Brexit-based economic strategy. Indeed, far from being the risky option that many have claimed, Brexit gives us many tools to deal with the very serious economic challenges that the country will face in the coming decades.”

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