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Industrial Nanotech Enters Agricultural Market With Solution to Multibillion Dollar Crop Crisis

Posted by smeddum on October 17, 2008


It remains to seen whether this product actually addresses Colony Collapse Disorder or merely some of the common problems that threaten bees such as the Varroa mite, and various bacterial infections, as the article tends to suggest. There is no discussion of the cause of CCD or electromagnetism. Those of us who have been following this crisis will hope that by some incredible piece of serendipity, that this coating offers a solution, but from a distance it seems highly unlikely

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. (Pink Sheets: INTK), an emerging global leader in nanotechnology, announced today that the Company has launched a new patented product for the agricultural market which has been proven to provide a solution to the growing crisis that threatens 15 billion dollars worth of crops in the US and billions more worldwide. Failure to halt this decline has the potential to decimate agriculture and triple food prices. Potential revenue to Industrial Nanotech for this product is over 2.5 billion dollars US. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sick bees? Honey bee crisis could lead to higher food prices

Posted by seumasach on June 27, 2008


Or has it already led to higher prices?Bit by bit, they introduce us to the enormity of this crisis whilst studiously avoiding any reference to the EM radiation connection

 Stephanie S. Garlow • ASSOCIATED PRESS • 27th June, 2008

Daily Record

WASHINGTON — Food prices could rise even more unless the mysterious decline in honey bees is solved, farmers and businessmen told lawmakers Thursday.

“No bees, no crops,” North Carolina grower Robert D. Edwards told a House Agriculture subcommittee. Edwards said he had to cut his cucumber acreage in half because of the lack of bees available to rent.

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