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Economic realpolitik brings Asia’s big guns together

Posted by seumasach on October 30, 2018

So much for containing China! Multipolarity provides China with an abundance of alternatives, as in this unprecedented convergence with Japan, a member of the Quad grouping. The ball is well and truly back in Trump’s court. Will he persist in the path of confrontation with China or is his bellicose stance just a prelude to a deal? We will see, perhaps, after the forthcoming Trump-Xi talks.

Asia Times

26th October, 2018

Nothing beats a potential financial crisis to bring geopolitical rivals together. This dynamic was on full display in Beijing Friday when the premiers of China and Japan joined hands on a US$30 billion currency swap, a yuan clearing bank and business deals worth billions.

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Hong Kong groups want their own Brexit

Posted by seumasach on August 1, 2016

Brexit is part of a general shift against rising Chinese influence. We see that in the Austrlia. Brazil and , of course, the UK. Next is Hong Kong. Last time the Cameron government, not wishing to disturb Anglo-Chinese relations, was fairly indifferent to the Freedom House protests in Hong Kong. This time we can expect the the British government’s response to be more proactive and provocative.


30th July, 2016

Britain had its Brexit. Now some in Hong Kong are dreaming of their own version.

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