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Seeds of Truth

Posted by smeddum on May 15, 2009

Dissident voice

While ITNT has shown that bees are affected by electropollution , the case for pesticides has been hurled across the Mainstream media in recent documentaries and articles. Much of the Alternative media too seem to have concluded that the problem has been solved. Yet when we first investigated CCD we were struck by how  beekeepers reported that pesticides caused piles of dead bodies outside the hive. This is not the case with CCD.  This Spanish study raises strong doubts as well.

I have learned over the past decade if I want to know what’s really going on in the United States, I have to cruise through the foreign media to see what’s creating a furor or causing a stink. So, while searching for the status of Spain’s on-again, off-again criminal proceedings against six Bush Administration war criminals, this headline in Der Spiegel caught my eye — “Frankenfood Ban is Neither Populism nor Panic-Mongering.”

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